Day 1: Marching Orders

Hey people,

Hmmm…. I’m shocked that it’s just been two months in this year with all thats happening it feels like we’ve gone 6 months already.

So as some of you know this year JUGN will be 10.

So we’ve been working on a lot of stuff. Planning, prepping, praying … it’s just a flurry of activities.

Yesterday after one of those meetings with my “oyster” people. I will tell you about them some day πŸ˜‚ but those that know, know. So anyhow after they had come up with the craziest ideas for a four day conference – yes! JUGN Conference 2018 is a whole four days and every day is a different something special – I left that one meeting literally in awe. As I did a mental calculation of the cost of some of the things my mind went into over drive …




I kept my cool and looked very calm on the outside but my mind was raging… with every suggestion the bills seemed to be piling.

“What are you thinking? What’s the point to all of this extravagance?”

“Why? Why are we doing this? Is it worth it? Spending all this crazy money?”

“How? How in God’s name do you think you are going to be able to raise this outrageous amount of money?

… and trust me it’s extremely outrageous and I don’t throw extreme and outrageous together too often.

How shall these things be?! I thought not in disbelief but looking at the gravity of what I was seeing in the drawing board.

Then fear showed up

And the fears began with a voice louder than reason

“What if you announce all these things and you cannot pull it off? ”

“What if you don’t even raise half the money?”

“What if you don’t finish writing the books or cannot meet up on all the outreaches you have planned?”

“What if no one gets pregnant under Hannah’s Heart – our new ministry to women Trying To Conceive?”

“What if people don’t show up for the four days? Isn’t four days too long?”

I had so many “What Ifs” …So so many. And that’s the thing about fear; it never makes any sense and it’s always a down ward spiral. We keep going down a deep and dark hole.

I felt the Holy Spirit take over and quieten my mind. Till I suspended my thoughts and he reminded me of one of the major secrets behind everything we’ve ever done ….THE WORD!

Every time we’ve ever gone ahead with anything in JUGN it’s been because we’ve had a WORD….an instruction …a promise …a confirmation of God’s backing, God’s power, God’s presence or God’s instruction.

Has it always been easy? No! But has it always been worth it? Absolutely!!!

Once God says something the only way to get the FULL REWARD (see what I did there? πŸ˜‰) is to take them like Marching Orders and just MOVE!

Don’t ask too many questions, don’t second guess yourself, don’t over think it … once it’s coming from God just move.

Now this month we are opening up the blog to a lot of guest writers and trust me it will be beyond amazing and totally worth it.

One of the things that makes our JUGN events so special is our promises. It’s a part of all our meetings people look forward to them. Either because it inspires them, instructs them or reassures them.

So this whole month we are going to allow people share their promises with us and how it has blessed them.

Trust me, it will make you start to see the word of God differently and probably also the promises you pick at these meetings.

I will share a couple of mine too but for now I’m still trying to recover from the one I got today. Once I get myself together I will be back to share the concluding part of this planning matter. Hmmmm….

For now enjoy our #MarchingOrdersSeries with all the amazing women or men (who knows) that will grace our page with their presence.

Enjoy the month of March

and I pray that if you’ve never heard God before, you will at the end of theses 31 days also receive your marching orders


Pastor Mildred.

7 thoughts on “Day 1: Marching Orders

  1. My Word from way back Imela has being my strength, and i can gladly say my testimony is in the oven yay!!!! am so excited i wont hesitate to share then. God bless you Mama i receive my marching order.

  2. I have not been able to get over the program the name of ‘JESUS’. The name Jesus was truly the prayer and the answer for me. Thank you Mama for all these beautiful programs that bless lives. I receive my marching order.

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