Hello February

Hey people

How have you been?

I cannot believe this year is a month down already and I have not blogged once.

anyway It’s a new month yay!!!

Thing is, I’ve been meaning to but this year is just one of those years that is so full I literally wish I had 32 hours a day not 24.

There’s just always so much to do. I guess the real issue is not more time it’s how I manage it right?

But still…

A lot of exciting things happening this year guys. It’s a really good year. And in this year I have a very strong word

Yep! I’m so sure I’m getting my full reward and a generous bonus besides.

I’m so sure so many amazing things are happening for me this year what about you?

I feel like this will be a defining year for me. The Holy Spirit keeps tugging at my heart in utterly unbelievable ways. There’s this sense of urgency and a consciousness of the anointing. A constant reminder that I can be all and do all, this year. So I’m not holding back. Im dreaming craaaaazy big. If you know some of the things I have planned out you would scream.

Funny enough I know I cannot achieve even half but with the Holy Spirit in me, the performing power of God at work in me, I know that every prayer, dream or thought will be exceeded.

God is about to blow my mind … I know it! I just know it !!!

2018 is a good year to be alive. It’s also a great year for us at JUGN. We have so much lined up for the year. I can’t let too much out of the bag but I can guarantee you every month will be amazing. Both on the blog and at out live seminars. I will let miss shittu give you all the juicy details with dates. And oh! By the way did you know she has an awesome blog? She does ….😊

Click on this link Kemi’s niche and visit her amazing blog. She posts every Monday but just subscribe and be notified. Thank me later.

So anyhow plan to do epic things this year but more importantly to be epic.

Will be back to gist you later. Something’s brewing. The Holy Spirit is brooding…

That’s another thing about 2018 there will be a lot of testimonies. That’s great news because it means if God is doing it for someone you know, it means you are next in line because Jesus is in the neighborhood.

Love you

pastor Mildred.

7 thoughts on “Hello February

  1. Thank you mummy for the reminder of what God has in plan for me. I am also dreaming big and I know with the help of the holy spirit I will achieve everything.

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