Day 31: Still Living Miracles

Hey people

So good to be back.

I’m sure you had a lovely time with all the amazing guest writers on the blog. I’m hoping we can do this often. Would be nice to have a potpourri of writers from time to time.

Wow! I cannot believe it’s been 365 days already. I still remember when the year started and God sent us his word

And what a word…

This year had its fair share of challenges but at the end of the year I can boldly say that God has been good. He’s been Faithful …

In fact my current mood is this …

I still remember hearing the word for 2017. It still feels just yesterday. I didn’t fully understand how important those words would be for me all year long … I’M A LIVING MIRACLE! I also remember I felt it had a funny ring to it but I’ve learned first hand how important being spiritually correct over being grammatically correct is. So I chose to focus on what those words…God’s Word would mean for me in 2017.

First of all, it meant I would be alive to see the end of the year; I had to be alive to be living. So no matter how many battles I had to fight I was going to survive them all. It was an assurance that I would not die but live.

Secondly, it meant that it would be a year full of miracles. Miracles would happen for me, to me and through me. I would attract miracles especially the kind that I could not possibly imagine could happen. The type that I had no possible explanation for.

Finally it also meant that I would be God’s hand for extending miracles to others around me. It was a privilege I was looking forward to with high expectations.

And like other years every single promise God made to me in 2017 came to pass. It was Miracle after Miracle. Things we thought were absolutely impossible came to pass easily and quickly. It was a year full of testimonies. God went above and beyond everything we asked of him.

That’s the confidence that I have in the Word that will come to us tonight. Not one of the promises from the Lord spoken by his servant will fail. At the end of 2018 we will also come back with testimonies. I’m really thankful that we are all still here to celebrate God’s goodness together.

I’m so grateful that God proved that He is God over and over again in 2017

It’s been a good year ladies but 2018…. Ahhhhhh! Now, That’s a totally different story. It’s going to be epic!

I’m so pumped for the coming year and it’s just tiny glimpses I’ve been seeing about the year ahead.

2018 is going to be really really good.

Let me quickly say this. All the things we will get in 2018 will be more by favour than by labour. It will be more by faith than by fight. God will do amazing things for us but His condition is ONLY BELIEVE!!!!

Tonight is our crossover service at both our mainland and island centres. Starting at 10pm. Take this as my invitation to you. Let’s hook up and cross over into the new year together.

Okay guys I gotta go. I’m in full faith mode. I want everything that’s mine in 2018. And I know I will get it. God has always kept his word. He’s never failed. Thats why I’m so sure 2018 is going to be amazing.

However I’m still in 2017 so it’s not over till it’s over. I’m still pushing for last minute miracles.

And I’m still here very thankful that God’s Word came to pass…. We made it! We’re still here. Still LIVING miracles.

God bless you

See you on the other side…. 2018


Pastor mildred

5 thoughts on “Day 31: Still Living Miracles

  1. Merciful God!
    Last minutes miracle: I have been trusting the Lord for a new employment………..and He did it! Yes He did it.
    My offer of employment was forwarded to my mail in the afternoon at about 5.00pm on 31/12/2017.

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