Day 30: Are you ready?Β 

Hey Everyone!

It’s day 30!

We made it guys!

Posting everyday, for 30 days whoop!! Whoop!!!

Sending out kisses to all our guest writers, you guys have been Amazing!!!!

Love you LOADS!!! 😍😍😍<br
o you guys think? More posts from our guest writers in 2018 yea?

So it’s 2 days to 2018 guys…

Are you ready??

Like my mama says, 2018 is not that kind of year.. I’m so excited about what’s coming… like I’m all giddy inside like an excited little child..

2018 is going to be Awesome guys! Like imagine anything amazing and great…. You’ve imagined it yea..

2018 is going to be way more than that imagination. God is going to blow your mind literally..

Where are you going to be tommorow?

I kmow where I’ll be. You have to enter 2018 in style… Join us for our cross over service at both of our centres tommorw…

If you’re excited to hear the word for next year.. raise your hand.. πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹..

And there’s nothing like starting the year, with a word from God and just hitting the ground running, and building momentum for the rest of the year, and one way we do that in DCC is by attending gaining momentum…

If you have never attended Gaining Momentum before please what rock have you been hiding under? 😲

Alright its ok, let me help you out.. You’ll need to clear your calendar!Β  It’s a program that you can’t miss for anything in this world.. it sets the tone for the year.. it will get you all geared up and ready to take on 2018.Β 
guys tomrw and at Gaining Momentum!!!


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