Day 29: It’s Time. 

Hey Everyone! 

So the weekend is here!! And we are at the door of 2018.. 

You guys know how excited I get about Christmas yea! I’m like 100X more excited about 2018!!! 💃💃

This is how I’m gonna be entering the year. 

My 2018 is settled already!! We had a prayer meeting yesterday after our fast and oh my Godddd!! I’m so excited! And then the promise I picked. Omo! 2018 is set!! In fact this is gist for another day.. detailed gist.. 

If you’re on the island, please try to be there for 6:30pm today, you won’t regret it trust me. 

So let’s get on to what we have for today.. we have a beautiful guest writer on the blog today.. she’s such a driven woman.. she lost 26kg in 4 months.. Yup.. you heard that right.. And she’s going to be giving us tips to keeping off all the yummy food we had this holiday, and getting back on track.

I know I need it! All the things I ate this holiday eh.. I shouldn’t eat for like the next two weeks 😭

She’s the one and only Coach Cathy!!! 


Hey People,

Compliments of the season: I’m so excited to be featured here; thanks Mama for this amazing opportunity to share. Now, if you’re a weight watcher like me but have thrown caution to the wind in the last couple of days, so much as to have embarked on a binge spree, 

then you should read this piece to the end. Oh! Before I continue, lemme introduce myself.

My name is Catherine Ebiri-Okoro aka Coach Cathy (Please note, Cathy with an English expression) – a mom of 3 who shed 26kg in 4months 

and have maintained my new fab weight ever since; If you wouldn’t mind, I’ll like to make a bit of noise also: about a thousand women and a handful of men as a result of my carefully adapted meal plans, guidance, bespoke exercises and accountability sessions have lost weight and gone ahead to maintain their desired new weight in a healthy way. I’m  UK Certified in Health and Fitness, Weight Loss and Child Nutrition. 

Emm… enough of me and more of you:  let’s get right into business- so these seven steps below, should help you get right back on track after the Christmas binge….

1. FORGIVE YOURSELF– that’s not what you expected right? Lollll. The truth is, there’s no use crying over spilt milk; you cannot “un-eat” what you’ve eaten. Can we just move on? No need to mentally abuse yourself with negative thoughts about how you should have done things differently. Why not take the appropriate remedial steps?

2. MAKE A HONEST APPRAISAL OF WHAT YOU HAVE HAD SO FAR– Make a list of what you have had and draw a realistic plan of what you intend to do to get back on track.

3. DITCH THE SCALE– the scale can be a major “tensioner” (in very simple English, this means a source of tension).  Typically, the scale can actually become a source of discouragement and another reason to retreat in your resolve to confront the fat. However, if you must weigh in, let this be strictly for record purposes – Record purposes as in record purposes-.  A Weight loss coach (if you intend to use one) will just need to use the information provided via the scale to facilitate your progress monitoring and accountability. Keeping in view your plan to gradually decimate the fat!

4. DO A SHORT DETOX – you can do a 2- 3day detox to get rid of toxins and most importantly to discipline your flesh. Most times, it’s really challenging getting back on track after over- eating. A detox would nicely help to reset your brain and discipline levels. Don’t do a prolonged detox; eating too little forces your body to switch into conservation mode and burn fewer calories. Meaning, you’re more likely to hang onto body fat instead of dislodging it.

5. DRINK LOTS OF WATER– water helps speed your metabolism and keeps you full. More so, it flushes out excess sodium to help you de-bloat and relieves constipation as well. See? You’ve got to give water some respect! So aim for 8 to 10 glasses daily. Avoid alcohol, pre-packed juices and carbonated drinks as well.

6. EAT REAL, WHOLE UNPROCESSED FOODS- don’t eliminate carbs totally instead cut back; fill half your plate with vegetables, a quarter with the good kind of carbs and the last part with lean protein. Ahem… Don’t forget fruits as well: potatoes, quinoa, oats, couscous, bulgur wheat, wheat bread, plantain, brown basmati rice, ‘ofada’ rice, chicken, fish, goat meat and eggs are all good examples of what your meals should be based on.

7. START / CONTINUE YOUR WORKOUT PLAN- Lastly, but definitely not the least on my list of seven: now, as in now, is the best time to start a new work out plan or pick up from where you stopped. Don’t lacerate yourself- you can’t burn the excess calories just in a few sessions; listen to your body and know when you’ve done enough but don’t be lazy either.

I hope this helps. I Love you!

Have an amazing New Year darlings. 


Alright ladies, so it’s time to forgive ourselves and move on! Do what you have to. 

Be fit and Healthy.

Ladies 2018, is that year you’ve been waiting for. Be excited!! 💃💃💃

See you guys soon 

😘😘😘 Kemi 

5 thoughts on “Day 29: It’s Time. 

  1. Thank you Cathy! Let me go and shed some weight.

    Lemme come and be going before some people wee now be harassing me..👣👣 In Craig David’s voice, I’m walking away….😁😁

  2. I loooove number 1 and it is indeed a good place to start. Cos you can’t uneat food so just forgive yourself and get back on track.

    Christmas is a good time to eat because it after all is a JESUS party yay

    Loved this Catherine…
    Well done…


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