Day 28: A Gift for Christmas 

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All was peaceful in Bidemi and Femi’s world as they stayed in blissful slumber.

Until the door opened unceremoniously and five kids of different ages burst into the room with childlike excitement and mischief, screaming.

“Get up!”

“Merry Christmas!”

“It’s time!”

“We want to open our gifts!”

“What did you buy for us?”

Bidemi groaned at the intrusion while her husband joined the kids in laughing as he tickled and nuzzled them. He had a way with kids that always tugged at her heart. Even now as she watched him, she felt that familiar constriction. She quickly swung her legs off the bed and left for the bathroom. No one noticed, their attention riveted on Femi, who was patiently responding to all their questions. 

Bidemi gently closed the door of the bathroom and leaned on it as she placed her hand on her chest and caressed softly, taking in a deep breath. Her action however didn’t take the feeling away. She walked towards the bathroom sink and stared at her reflection. 

She was a beautiful woman by all standards; even with her hair tousled and her face void of make-up. If blessings were distributed by beauty, Bidemi would have it all – but she didn’t. She didn’t have a mother in-law who loved her and the fact that she would have to endure her all day made her groan inwardly. She is slightly startled as the door opened abruptly and her husband walked in, looking at her in concern. 

“Are you okay?”

She nodded, mustering a smile. “Where are the kids?”

“Titi came to drag them to have their baths before opening any gifts.”

She chuckled slightly, thinking of her sister in-law. She was such a disciplinarian but equally amazing with children. She focused her attention on her husband and realised he was still staring at her in concern. “What?”

Femi pulled her into his arms. “Are you sure you’re okay? Still having headache?” he asked with concern. She’d been complaining of headaches recently.

She shook her head. “No… But I doubt it would remain that way before the day is over.”

Femi sighed. “I know you didn’t want to come here but…”

“It’s tradition.”

He shook his head in disagreement. “No. I came because Titi, Ade, Bola and Jide would be here with their kids. We rarely saw them during the year.”

She shrugged in response while her husband stared at her with worried eyes. She chuckled lightly, giving him a reassuring look. “It’s fine.”

But it wasn’t. It wasn’t fine at all as she watched the kids sit down by the Christmas tree and open their gifts in excitement, the little ones helped by their mothers.  Titi and Femi of course were hands on, helping them unwrap their packages. Bola wasn’t very child friendly even though she had three kids. She hadn’t even come into the room. Ade, Jide, Titi’s husband, Collins and Bola’s husband, BJ stood at a distance, recording the show and running commentaries. 

Rather than feel sorry for herself, Bidemi decided to join the others by the Christmas tree and help with unwrapping the gifts. She’d barely taken two steps in that direction when she was jolted to a stop by her mother in-law’s voice, her tone dripping with derision.

“Aunty, don’t tell me you are also going to go and get a gift.”

“Err… No ma.”

Her mother in-law continued as if she had not heard her. “Because you don’t deserve any gift. Give us a gift, you refused. Even the ones that came in after you have given us gifts.” She waved in the direction of the kids seated by the Christmas tree to drive home her point. 

Bidemi lowered her gaze, looking sober but not before her eyes met with Femi who was frowning in disapproval and was by her side in a flash, glaring at his mother. 

“Mummy, what is it now?! E ti bere o!”

“Ki ni? O ni je ka soro. How many years now? Six years!”

“I don’t care if it’s an eternity! She’s MY wife! Not yours, not anybody’s; MINE!”

Everyone in the room was staring at them now and Bidemi had never felt more embarrassed in her life. Tears formed in her eyes and ran down her face as Femi continued to argue with his mother. It was difficult to watch other people with their children, especially when you desired one but to be ridiculed for not being able to conceive as if you were your maker and purposely designed yourself to be that way, it hurt deep.

Still, they hoped.

She placed her hand on her husband’s arm in a bid to stop him. “It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not! I am tired of her insulting you every time!”

His mother is however unrepentant. “You think this is an insult? Everything I am saying is for her good. She needs to do something about her situation.”

Femi scoffed in annoyance. “It’s not her situation, it’s MY situation.”

“Femi…” Bidemi interjected in a pleading tone but her husband has had it. 

“I am the one with the problem, not her! I have low sperm count.”

The silence in the room was deafening as the adults stared in shock. The silence is broken by Bola’s first child as she turned to Tubosun, Ade’s first son and asked, “What is low sperm count?”

The question snapped the adults out of their shock. Titi quickly swung into action, telling the kids to go to the living room upstairs to continue unwrapping their packages. As they thronged out of the room up the stairs, Femi’s mother spoke, addressing her son. 

“You are lying!”

Femi chuckled in derision. “You want me to show you the test result?” 

“Ah, mogbe!!!”

Ade puts a hand on his mother’s arm to calm her down as he stared at his brother. “How long have you known?”

Femi glanced at his wife then back at his brother. “Four years.”

“Ah, Femi!” His mother exclaimed in disbelief as she put her hands on her head. “Four years and you didn’t say anything. Four years and you allowed me insult this girl at every opportunity.”

Femi looked sober at the accusation while his wife came to his rescue. “I told him not to say anything.”

“Why?” Bola asked. She had walked into the room while their mother was harassing her. 

Bidemi glanced at her husband and reached for his hand. “Because I believe in a God who can cancel Doctors’ reports.” Bola scoffed in response but Bidemi ignored her reaction as she continued. “I didn’t see the point in alarming anyone.”

“Ah! Jesu oooooooo!!!!” Her mother in-law exclaimed.

She was still exclaiming intermittently an hour later as they all sat down to eat breakfast. The woman was obviously finding it difficult to come to terms with the situation and somehow, Bidemi felt sorry for her. This wasn’t the kind of news a mother wanted to hear from her child, especially on Christmas day. If she’d tried harder, she could have stopped Femi but a part of her wanted his family to know so they could stop blaming her for their childlessness. Now that they did, she felt no victory. Her head was pounding again and sadness had permeated the Christmas excitement they all felt that morning. Even the kids were unusually quiet. Bidemi sighed and got to her feet. Her husband gave her a quizzical gaze and she mustered a reassuring smile.

“I need to use the…”

“Aunty Bidemi, why is there blood on your dress?” Keji, Titi’s second child asked with alarm.

Bidemi looked behind her and maybe it was the sight of the blood stain on her dress or the pressure of the headache she was feeling, whichever it was, she found herself sinking into black oblivion. She woke up to find her husband staring at her with a myriad of emotions across his face. There was worry, concern, love, tears…  It was the tears that caught her attention. Why was he crying?

“Am I dying?” she asked softly.

“Oloun o je!” Her mother in-law responded, snapping her hands over her head in a sign of rejection. 

That was when Bidemi realised her husband was not the only one in the room with her. All the men were present with Titi.

“What is going on?” she queried, looking back at her husband for a response. Femi was crying uncontrollably as he leaned on her, gripping her hand tight. Bidemi was beginning to get worried as she looked at the others, hoping they can tell her what the issue was. 

“You’re pregnant,” Titi announced with a smile. 

It took a moment for the words to sink in. And then the tears started flowing as she hugged her husband who held her as tight as the bed could possibly allow.  

She was pregnant!

She was carrying her husband’s child, his seed; a seed of love, of hope, of faith. 

She felt overwhelmed with God’s love. She could not have given herself a better Christmas gift.

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