Day 27: The God that defies Logic and Reasoning  (Part 2) 

Hey Everyone! 

It’s a beautiful morning. 

Yesterday we had Hadassah share a mind boggling testimony with us.. click the link below if you missed it.

and today she’s sharing Part 2 of the testimony..  You have to read the first one to understand part 2. 

This testimony just leaves me speechless, God is Real people.. God is Real. As real as the air that you breath… 


…Now to HIM who is able to do, exceedingly, abundantly, (far) above ALL we could ever ask or think, according to HIS power that is at work within us- Ephesians 3vs20

Before I continue phase 2 of my testimony, I want to say this, in 2018, whatever you think is the best possible milestone your mind can conceive or comprehend, set it, and watch God exceed and surpass it, you just need to open up yourself for HIS power to be fully at work within you, that is the condition..’According to HIS power that is at work within you’, the voltage determines the output, maximum power (voltage), maximum output, and vice versa.

We arrived safely to ‘the abroad’ o, headcount complete, you would think that God Had outdone Himself already by even getting me there, but Nope! He was just getting started.

I immediately scheduled my first doctor’s appointment and at this point, it was safer and wiser to use a doctor who already had my medical history so I wouldn’t have to start from the top with all forms of tests, assessments and what-not, so I went back to the doctor who birthed my first child, (who by the way, is very good).

She started off with a sonogram and before she even took me into the room I told her, ‘they said I have placenta Previa o, I had a major bleed before I got here, just thought to let you know’. After she finished the sonogram, the first thing she said was ‘how did you get here? No doctor that has a valid license in your country would have ever given you the permission to fly in this state’, that’s the thing dear oyibo, my God who works in me to will and to do according to HIS good pleasure does not need anyone’s license, approval or permit to do what He says He will do and guess what, His license (which is HIS word), never expires, it’s the same yesterday, today and forever, and no situation, I repeat, no situation can threaten the validity of His license. She went on to say, yes you have placenta Previa, but that is not even the major concern, apparently, we have two bigger issues picked up by the sonogram, the first one is a case of macrosomia, your baby seems abnormally bigger than his gestational state, and also, you have an accreta which means that your placenta has burrowed  deeply into the scar of the C-section of your previous baby, that’s  why it did not go up as it should, so our bigger concern now is that accreta, she looked at me and said, wow, you came back with more baggage this time, and am like, wow, two compliments in one, thank you, same to you too #smiles#…If He did it before(complete the song).

She basically accepted that it was not a situation she could handle all by herself so she basically handed me over to her senior doctor partner who later scheduled me to see another specialist in an entirely different hospital, he told me straight up, your procedure is not the type that is going to be done on a Saturday night or on a holiday, it has to be pre-planned and properly scheduled with all the specialists in the room and on standby, we cannot take any chances. You know, the funny thing in all this was that, when I was admitted back home in Nigeria, the doctors wanted to bring out the baby at the next available window, nobody even picked up or mentioned macrosomia or accreta,it wasn’t even on the table and those were the real life threatening situations, as I continued my journey from one specialist to another, I then saw the bigger picture that God saw at the time and literally broke down in tears of gratitude, the real death trap that God saved me from was actually staying back home, not even making the journey, the journey was just a step of faith I needed to take, the true deliverance was from staying back home, I cannot even say this enough people, when God tells you to do something, DO IT, cos we will always know in parts and understand in parts, HE always sees the full picture. In addition to this, the doctors back home had put me on full bedrest before I left, as in, I wasn’t allowed to leave a bed, but when I got here, the doctor said, you need to be on partial bedrest which means you can walk around the house very gently, no one puts people on full bedrest for this situation anymore, we can’t afford you having a blood clot, the less we have to worry about, the better. All these happened between December 17th and 29th.

 I had done several tests and gestational diabetes was ruled out for the macrosomia, so the doctors scheduled me for an amniocentesis (google it) for first week of January, they wanted to keep the baby for as long as they could afford till about the first week of January when I should be about 36 weeks, and if it comes out positive enough, they would bring out the baby the next day, that was the plan, but God Had an even bigger plan. They also mentioned that I cannot have more than two bleeds for the Previa, if I had a second bleed, they would take me in immediately. Finally, they also told me that at whatever time the baby comes out, whether in January or December, he would be pretty premature and they would have him kept in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(NICU)  for at least a week(my actual due date was February). Please take note of all the points I made in this paragraph because that will sum up my testimony, my God is about to blow your mind. Who has the final say…? (Complete the song).

On December 29, I woke up and I was bleeding, this time, I wasn’t even phased or shaken,  e don happen before, I woke my husband and told him we need to go to the hospital, I took my time to get ready, while I was getting ready, the bleeding stopped briefly, and then the Nigerian in me thought, you are fine now, do you still need to go to the hospital again, they will just put you on bedrest and you have a bed in this house that will not cost you money, actually, it wasn’t the Nigerian in me, it was the devil trying his best to give ‘good’ advise, but then again, he is the father of all lies,  thank God for The Holy Spirit, He shut him up and told me clearly, do not take for granted what God Has done for you, go to the hospital now, the baby was coming out that day, He knew it, but I didn’t, and if I did not listen to HIM, I would literally have been dead on arrival. Again I say, when God tells you to do something…JUST DO IT.

Before we left for the hospital, we decided to settle it on the communion table, my in-laws brought communion for us to pray and take before we leave, whoever eats my body and drinks my blood abides in me and I in Him (John 6vs 56), The life of every flesh is in the blood (Leviticus 17vs 14), Oath of confirmation is the end of all strife (Hebrews 6vs 16-17), In Him I live, I move and have my being (Acts 17vs 28), these are covenant scriptures, and then He summarises it by saying, as often as you will, do this in remembrance of me (Luke 22 vs 19-20), question is, did He ever forget? (Isaiah 49vs 14-16)…catch the revelation

Anyways, I settled my spiritual lifeline and my covenant right to life and left for the hospital, I called my doctor on the way to the hospital as previously instructed for whenever I had a second bleed and I was told to go straight to the hospital and check into the emergency ward and my doctor would meet me there. I checked into the emergency ward and immediately I laid on the bed, the tears started flowing freely, I was tired of this journey, the pain I have had to go through, the tests, the reports, the costs, the ‘everything’ I was exhausted and worn ,what did I do to deserve all this? You know, when they say, Faith is acting in spite of the fear, it was true for me in this case because I had the word and promises from God, but I was still afraid, I was exhausted from all the tests and the physical pain I was going through, I will be deceiving you if at any point in my testimony I make it look like it was all a walk in a park, no, it wasn’t but guess what, His strength is made perfect in my weaknesses,… when I am weak, then I am strong (2 Corinthians 12 vs 9-10) . God’s word was all I had to get me through, and it did.

The bleeding stopped in the emergency ward, and for some reason the bed was extremely uncomfortable. We got to the hospital around 11am, my doctor finally instructed the nurses to check me into a proper ward around 4pm,they were still waiting for him to show up but his feedback through the nurses was that I can’t have a third bleed before they take out the baby and I just had second one. On the other hand, he was trying to avoid bringing out a preterm birth as I was just 34+ weeks at the time and he was worried about the cutthroat NICU costs we would have to pay if the baby was brought out too early among other things so he said he would come check me later in the evening and take it from there. Meanwhile, there was a new concern, the monitor was picking up contractions, which shouldn’t be at 34weeks and it wasn’t a good mix to all the existing complication.

Anyways, I (foolishly) thought to plead to be discharged to continue strict bedrest at home till next week after the amniocentesis, gratefully, the doctor was literally 15 minutes away from the hospital when I stood up to go to the restroom and that was it, I knew there was no going home today, the nurses called the doctor and he said, prepare her for surgery immediately, NICU cost does not matter anymore, let’s save her life first. 

I was prepped for surgery as quickly as humanly possible with everyone from the anaesthesiologist reading out their roles whilst giving me forms to sign, the doctor eventually told me at that point that they were likely going to take out my uterus after bringing out the baby. The surgery was going to happen much earlier than they planned so he felt it safer to put all the information on the table now. Back up a little bit doctor, why? And he explained that it was due to the accreta-the position and way the placenta had implanted was going to cause a lot of bleeding, he would do all he can but if the bleeding got too much from removing the placenta, they might have to do an emergency hysterectomy i.e. taking out the uterus to save my life and once again, I  was made to sign a document to that effect, The anaesthesiologist said he had to give me a spinal so if they had to proceed to a hysterectomy, I have to be put to sleep. 

All the information was swirling in my head, I was dizzy and feverish from the bleeding and I started feeling cold, the lights were turning white and blurry and I started to wonder, will I come out of this?, will I see my family again? And I heard a voice whisper in my ear and my heart, I will never leave you nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31vs 6, Hebrews 13vs5)…It kept resounding so hard like He needed me to believe it, …I have loved you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31 vs 3-4), I will take hold of you and hold your hand, I will never leave you nor forsake you. Suddenly, the room felt warm, I started sweating while the anaesthesiologist was struggling to put the spinal through my back.

At this point I have to say this, God is REAL, more real than any reality you can ever experience, and like my Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo says; The word of God works 100% of the time, not 99.99, 100% of the time, God is Real people, God is Real… 

I immediately felt warm and at peace, He will never leave me nor forsake me, I knew one more thing, I was not going to lose my uterus, mbanu, nothing missing, nothing broken, nothing absent or lacking, the scripture cannot be broken.

After they had poked all parts of my hands trying to create a second line because of the possibility of a transfusion, I had given in to the fatigue of so many needles at the same time, I was tired and just surrendered to it, they needed a second line but my veins were not to be found, four units of blood on standby for emergency transfusion, eventually a special nurse was called in to find a vein somehow no matter how weak and she was able to poke through and get one. My husband was now allowed into the operating room (OR), I was prepped and ready or should I say dizzy and exhausted.

Within 15minutes of the surgery, the baby was brought out, he was crying, peed twice and was taken straight to NICU as a 34week birth. Then the battle for the uterus began, suction, irrigation, words back and forth, what are they saying? What are they doing? Why is it taking time? Am not losing my uterus, ‘no-thing MISSING, nothing broken, nothing absent or lacking” I did not want to look at my boy and be reminded of what I lost to having him, no, I don’t want the decision of having a third biological child or not to be made for me on a surgical table, bed, whatever it is I was laying on.

After what seemed like eternity, I heard them closing me up and I waited patiently for the doctor, he walked over to my face and said, your placenta was positioned in a very unusual place, but we were able to take it out and save your uterus. I sighed, it was done, He Had finished what He started just like He promised, and I was exhausted but elated and grateful, worn out but victorious. As David never lost a battle…

 God is real, He is for me, He is in me, and His word works 100% of the time. My living miracle (who decided it was also his turn because it was still 2016) was born, my uterus was saved, headcount complete, no life lost, nothing lost, in a seemingly impossible string of situations, God showed up, He did not just show up, He showed off, paraded Himself as The God of all flesh in whom nothing is hard or impossible. 

Words fail me, join me in praising God, Som-to-Chukwu (which is his name by the way), isn’t he lovely? 

God’s works are truly perfect. 

 Let me wrap it up, the doctors said he would stay at least one week in NICU because he was born at 34weeks, they spoke their own, I spoke my own, I spoke to him from my room and he heard me because there is no distance in the spirit, under 48 hours and I mean, under 48 hours, my son was brought up to me in my room and the NICU doctor said to me, he is eating, breathing, doing everything by himself, he has no business being there, that’s right, he had no business being there, why are you looking for the living among the dead, why are you looking for a perfectly healthy baby in an Intensive care unit.

I and my children that The Lord Has given me are for signs and wonders (Isaiah 8vs 18). When I was fussing about the pain at some point, my Pastor, Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo said to me, this one is no ordinary one, the devil does not fight ordinary seed, He will do things for God that even his mind cannot comprehend, He will serve God in ways that will both confuse and frustrate the devil, this I know. Once again, join me in praising God, Som-to-Chukwu.

My name is Hadassah, I am a Living miracle and I serve a God that defies logic and reasoning.


This testimony is just mind blowing.. Like wow! And it actually makes me excited.. God did all of this before December 29th 2016, At the very end of the year, like 2 days to the end of the year, he performed a miracle that a human mind cannot fathom or understand.. it was an impossible situation, completely impossible by human standard… but that’s why we serve a God who delights in impossiblities! 

He specializes in impossible situations… 

That’s why I’m certain without a doubt that no matter what you’re going through… No matter how it seems or looks or feels.. God is on top of it! And you know you’re going to come out of it better, stronger, and full of joy.. 

 I’m so excited about 2018, like Hadassah said whatever you think is the best possible milestone your mind can conceive or whatever you think is just impossible, set it, and watch God just beat your expectation… 

I didn’t want to go on writing another long story, but Oh my God! I’m just so excited in my spirit… Is it just me? God is about to do mind blowing things people!! And in 2018 we are going to have Truckloads of testimonies… 

Speaking about excitement, Tommorw all the women in my church are having a fast. And we are meeting to break and pray together at our mainland centre tommorw at 6:30pm and at our Island Centre on the 29th of December at 6:30pm. 

Whatever you do please join the fast and try not to miss being at Church at 6:30pm. Do whatever you have to do. This is not the kind of meeting you miss. 

God has placed a word on Pastor Mildred’s heart that she’ll be sharing with you.  This was an instruction that came directly from him, God has something spectacular to tell you about 2018. 

And like my mama would say 2018 is not that kind of year… 💃💃💃💃

Be excited! 

See you guys tommorw 

😘😘😘 Kemi

18 thoughts on “Day 27: The God that defies Logic and Reasoning  (Part 2) 

  1. Nothing like Being FULL of the Word.
    See all the Scriptures attached to this post.
    That’s what made it so yummy for me.
    Nothing more attractive than a woman with THE Sword and knows how to wield it…

    Hadassah I celebrate this victory.
    Somtochukwu is indeed a MIRACLE.

  2. Hmn… I don’t like suspense, NAH..but this one, I knew we have the victory so I was excited through it all… kai, this our God can show off sha… Chimoooo… Halleluya….

  3. I dont know why i felt a burden to come to this blog since o. Cos’ i always get notification on my phone whenever a new post is out and for some reason, i felt a nudge to read it.

    I am not married and do not know when. I have felt discouraged, been spiritually dry, been beating myself up and yet sticking to my guns that God is faithful.

    This testimony re-affirms the possibilities that lie in God. The God that can do ALL things. The God that can settle my marital destiny matters and change my story.

  4. wow…this testimony gave me goose pimples. Our God is indeed very real and true to his word. Has he said a thing and has not done? Truly men can say their own but it is only God’s word that seals the deal. It’s difficult to understand how people fight the Word and try to use human sense and capability. The results of the Word is ALWAYS mind blowing even though the instructions may not make sense to us at all…

  5. Yes! My father did it again.
    He has given us His words and that none will return void.
    Father you are wonderful……
    #speechless #tearsofjoy #powerasofold

    You are God from beginning to the end
    There’s no place for argument
    You are God all by Yourself.


  7. Hmm! What can I say? I literally cried as I read through this mind blowing testimony. God is real, this testimony is a reminder for me that He deeply loves me and cares about me more than I know and can imagine. I guess I cried cos I forget atimes how faithful He has been to me.
    Ah sis, I join you to praise this most gracious God! Merciful, faithful and true God! I praise God for keeping His word and doing these wonders in your life. And affliction will never rise again. Congrats sis.

  8. This one left me in tears … Like God is soooo amazing… Am just speechless… Thanks for sharing every little detail… This is a super amazing Testimony

  9. Had goose bumps reading this. To safely deliver a baby is a miracle we shouldn’t take for granted. Wow! My sister, we join you in praising God because He truly deserves the praise. I’m in awe…

  10. Lord i’ m amazed at Your love,I’m amazed at Your Grace. Makaragberisokoua,this testimony kept me speaking in tongues. I thank the Lord with with you sister,the God that defies logic and reasoning. Na ra ekele oooo.

  11. Wow, this God is just too amazing, so real than your *realest* reality. This can only be God. Praise be to God, Onise Iyanu.

  12. Testimonies have a way of reminding us that we’re not alone….. That God is beyond our logic and reasoning. Thank you Hadassah, I’m doing this-(Somtochukwu) . Blesses be God who remained true to His word!!!!

  13. Awesome & mighty God! Is there anything you cannot do! Totally in awe of you oh Lord. Thank you for this great testimony.

  14. Wow! God is ama amazing. The scriptures are so on point. Another thing that got me is that Hadassah knew the word for herself and most importantly had a relationship with God. You didn’t have to keep calling on your pastors . Thank God for PK&PM who teach us to know God for ourselves.
    Praise God for this awesome testimony.

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