Day 26: The God that defies Logic and Reasoning. 

Hey Everyone..

Today is a perfect day to share a testimony! A miraculous testimony, as it’s the season of miracles.

This God eh!!! He’s just amazing..

The year isn’t over guys! Miracles are happening all around you… just believe.

This testimony will amaze you.. I’m so tempted to write an epistle but I’ll save it for another time.. Today’s testimony is by the beautiful, amazing, sweet Hadassah.

I must say I feel both privileged and honoured to be a guest writer on this blog, more importantly, I also get to share my story and testimony especially at this time of the year to inspire someone to know and believe that God is still very much in the business of moving mountains and performing miracles.

It all started on Friday, December 09, 2016, the day I was scheduled to start my maternity leave, boy!, it was going to be a good day, I had started sending in my work hand over emails as early as 1am in the morning, had all forms of fun activities lined up, from movies to visiting old friends to a surprise baby shower (which I wasn’t supposed to be aware of). It was going to be a swell weekend after which I would take off the next week to ‘the abroad’ to meet my husband, spend the holidays and have our second baby, nothing could go wrong, or so I thought…
I woke up at 5:30am as usual to get ready for work and suddenly, I felt this heavy pressure on my pelvis and moisture between my thighs, I thought to myself, ‘you are about 32 weeks pregnant so it’s the baby weight, but what was with the moisture?, was I so pressed to pee that I peed on myself?. As I stood up to go to the rest room, I saw heavy gush of blood pour on the floor from my thighs, I took another step and there was another gush, and another and another, the floor was ‘bloodied’, I stood there in confusion, fear and panic, wondering, what is happening? I can’t lose my baby, and I can’t have him here, it is not the plan, am just 32 weeks so I can’t be in labour, all I could say at that point was Jesus! , Jesus! Jesus! I had no other words, I couldn’t even think straight so I just kept shouting His name, Jesus! I eventually called my help and she sped upstairs to call my neighbour since my husband was away (thank God for good neighbours), and immediately we headed for the hospital.
On the way to the hospital, I started dialling all the key stakeholders in my life as I could not even think straight, from my husband to my Pastor to my mum and close friends, all at the same time, I was pressing my tummy so hard to feel my baby kick or something, anything at all. God , I cannot cast my seed before time, I cannot cast my young, he is good, he is perfect because he is from you, I am a faithful  tither and giver, I serve you with my time and resources, I was pulling all the leverage and blackmail cards I could think of, God, Say something!!!
I got to the hospital and after they were through dragging their feet ‘naija’ style, I was admitted to a ward for observation, they checked my baby and confirmed he was fine however, there was a strong likelihood of taking me in for surgery immediately to bring out the baby.

The doctor eventually came about an hour after I was admitted (rolls eyes) and decided to do a scan. As he was looking through the scan monitor, he looked at me and said, ‘madam you know you have Placenta Previa right?’

I looked at him and responded saying ‘whatever that means I hope it’s a compliment because I don’t know what you are talking about’ and he goes like ‘it’s here in your scans and records, it means your placenta is not positioned where it should be, in fact you have a full Previa because your placenta is totally covering your cervix as opposed to up being above the baby, that is what caused the bleeding and the pressure you are feeling in your lower pelvis. I stopped blank, really could not gather any cohesive thoughts at the moment, minutes later all I thought was, what am I doing here? How did I get here?, when I was finally able to gather my thoughts, I looked at the doctor and said ‘am traveling next week o, to meet my husband and to have my baby’, and he let out a hearty laughter and said, ‘madam, you cannot make any trip at this point, it is not possible, that can only happen by a miracle’…- that was all God needed to hear, say whatttttt, a miracle, that’s what I do for a living, Let do this Dassah!
I was formally admitted into a ward, they wanted to buy as much time as possible before taking me in for surgery- or so they thought since the baby was still quite premature. As I lay on the bed, I spoke with all my key stakeholders to update them on the situation and of course to join me in prayer, then I faced the wall, it was time for me to speak with the most important stake-holder of my life, I first cried till my eyes were sore, and then, with a tired mind and body , I asked my  Father, the one who wishes above ALL things that I prosper and be in health(3 John 1:2), the one whose plans for me are only of Good and not evil (Jeremiah 29:11), the one who Has engraved me on the palm of His hands(Isaiah 49:16)  and I asked and said, Abba, Father, you have heard what the doctors have said, but what matters most and what stands is what you say(Lamentations 3:37: who can speak and have it happen if The Lord Has not decreed it?), should I stay or should I move, am afraid, am confused, am frustrated, and again, am afraid, what do you want me to do father? In a matter of minutes, I felt peace, calm, peace like a river and I clearly heard Him say, ‘my presence will go with you, you will go and you will arrive safely ,He told me the exact state I would have the baby, all the details I needed and the faith that came with it. You know, when The Bible says in Hebrews 4:12 that ‘God’s word is quick and powerful’, you cannot totally appreciate that scripture until you have experienced the speed and the strength of God’s word in your life. I suddenly felt strength like no other, peace, confidence, I was no longer afraid, I had heard Him, He said I will go, scratch that, He said He will take me and His presence will go with me (Exodus 33:14-My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest), that was all I had and all I needed. I immediately called for the doctor and I told him, you need to discharge me soon, I have a flight to catch, am travelling to see my husband and have my baby.

The doctor moved from anger to frustration to genuine concern, madam, I think you don’t understand the gravity of what is happening to you, like I said earlier, your placenta is fully covering your cervix, you cannot even enter a car right now to go home, the slightest pressure on your pelvis can make you and your baby bleed out and die in as little as 20mins, we are just keeping you in bed to buy as much time as possible before we bring him out, but you cannot go home and you certainly cannot fly anywhere, not even to your village, let alone abroad madam! (it is important to note that at this point I was on full bed rest, I could barely stand or walk to the bathroom without bleeding, so truly truly, with man, it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to go home let alone travel, but with GOD I was going to be cruising at an altitude of over 30 thousand feet for thousands of miles and there was absolutely NOTHING, the devil can do about it!). I can tell you for free that the faith with which I made this journey could have only come from God, it did not make any sense, it felt like I was going on a suicide mission, but guess what, all I could focus and fill my mind with was what God told me, and I saturated my mind with scriptures and songs to back it up (ask me nicely and I will share my playlist and scripture collection), that was the only way I could go through this alive, with full faith and with God, any other option was death staring right in my face. At some point, I stopped sharing information with some loved ones who were genuinely concerned, I knew it was from a place of love but I needed all the faith I could muster and I could not accommodate any fear, whether it was from a place or love or not, people, this is a life or death situation, its God or nothing! So I shut down every contrary information, Let God be true and all else be a LIE!.

The hospital got the Chief Medical Director, the legal team and an array of various specialist doctors to pay me a visit, and one by one, they all explained to me once again, the life threatening implications of what I was planning to do, eventually, when they saw I was adamant on leaving, the legal team drafted a document stating that I was discharged against doctor’s will and that they will not be held liable for what happens to me after I leave the hospital, I needed to sign that (to exonerate them from any consequences), they were so sure I wouldn’t make it. I signed, with teary eyes, I signed my life off from their hands and into God’s Hands, and I headed home to prepare for my trip.

I need to explain at this point that I was not making this trip to attract a death wish over my head, certainly not, I am a sane, well-meaning child of God, I have a somewhat medical background and I understand the need to weigh actions and consequences, however, In addition to the fact that I heard God to go which is the most important truth, I also felt medically unsafe and unsure in the hands of my current medical handlers. This hospital was supposed to be one of the best around and they had a major oversight on something as serious placenta Previa, of course I did a lot of research after I was told about the condition and apparently it is confirmed between 20-29 weeks of pregnancy among other details, I had been attending my ante-natal sessions faithfully, doing my scans and seeing different doctors, but not one of them picked it up or mentioned it to me till I had an incident, how could I then trust these same people to bring out my baby premature and how was I sure there wasn’t something else they were missing(apparently, there was, I will share that in the second phase of my testimony), so my decision to travel was for my medical safety and that of my baby before any other benefits, and gratefully, I had God’s full backing because He saw the bigger picture that I wasn’t seeing at the time.

I went home, the devil fought, oh did he fight, from missed flights to cancelled tickets, but I made it, God sent me help, the doctors said I could not go home or even drive in a car because the pressure and the bumpy ride could make me bleed out but God came true (as He always does), we travelled, we made it, thousands of miles, high altitudes, fluctuating pressures, four stops, four take-offs, four landings, not one spot, not a single bleed out. In the Bible days, people named God by the experience they have of Him, Jehovah Jireh for the ones who experienced His provision, Jehovah Shalom for the one who experienced His peace. As for me, I experienced it all, and I call Him The God That Defies Logic and Reasoning… He defied everything that made sense and that did not make sense at the time to get me to where He needed me to be, to keep to His word.

I close out by saying, when God tells you to do something, go Nike on Him, ‘Just Do It’, do not try to analyse or make too much sense of it, because truly, most times, it does not make logical sense. I am analytical in nature, I like to make sense of things, why? where?, how? what if?, but if I had followed my natural or logical reason for this situation, I would likely not be here sharing this testimony because God delivered me from things bigger than I could see or comprehend at the time(I will share the details in the second phase of my testimony), Like my Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo says; If you are a logical person, you can never experience the best of God because most of the life-changing things God will ask you to do will never make(logical) sense, His ways are far greater than our ways and His thoughts far greater than ours. When it comes to God, what your mind can comprehend as a good, ‘amaze-balls’ finish point is not even good enough a starting point for God. You need to expand your capacity, your faith, open your mind and let God do amazing things through you next year and I dare say, what is left of this year too because with man, things seem impossible, but with God, NO-THING is impossible.

This is my December 9 testimony, I will share my December 29 Living miracle testimony in due course.
My name is Hadassah and I serve a God that defies logic and reasoning…


The God of all the earth! The beginning and the end, in him we live, we move and we have our being! The doctors report canceller, the God that defies every human knowledge and understanding.. the God that always had a plan of saving me through his son Jesus Christ even before the thought of me being conceived was born.. And this God I have the privilege of calling father and having a relationship with where we talk, laugh and just love each other… Ahhhh!!!!! This God!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Never forget how much God loves you.

You are the reason for the season.

😘😘😘 Kemi

15 thoughts on “Day 26: The God that defies Logic and Reasoning. 

  1. This is definitely the kind of miracle I was talking about in my letter, the kind that lets you know without a shadow of doubt that God doesn’t play with His children, the kind of miracle that gets people talking and shuts the devil up, the kind that turns one into a believer .. a true miracle indeed and only God could have done this one. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy ….

    Only God can and the Fact that He is, is miracle enough for me…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I would love to write an amazing comment but after reading this awesome testimony I can only process my thoughts in tongues right now.

    Lemme go and come back. Shatahh!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. All I could do was lift up my hands with teary eyes, this testimony came for me, cos am believing God for a miracle last nite I was robbed and all my hard earned savings were taken from me. As I saw alerts of my money being removed I just gave thanks to God and I had peace of a quick recovery, I don’t know how its going to happen, i dont have any logical to it but this testimony has added to my peace. God bless you Aunty Kemi and my beloved Mama.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank God for safety and for giving you peace.
      God is going to restore all you have lost, and you’ll receive it in double measure. In Jesus name.


  4. I needed this this morning, some days back I was talking to myself that God doesn’t love me anymore, this just brought a conviction to me that God loves me, He loves me so much its humbling.
    ‘The King of love my Shepherd is’


  5. #abbafather You defies logic and reasoning. Full of mercy. Only You can do/will do what no man can do.
    Holy spirit I love you.



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