Day 24: What I Want For Christmas…

By now it’s not news that I love Christmas. It’s just such a beautiful season that makes us focus on family and friends and there’s so much sharing and caring. And of course lots of presents.

Funny how Christmas is no longer about what I will get for Christmas but about what I will give. I think about the gifts my kids will get, what they will like and how much it will cost. Can I afford it? Will they keep it well? Will it even survive this Christmas? Is it worth it? Can I find something cheaper? Do they really want this? Or do I want it for them? Do they even need it?

All too complicated. Why are we even complicating Christmas sef? We teach them to expect gifts then worry that we may not get the right one.

I on the other hand never really expect or get anything and I’m guessing it’s really because I don’t expect anything. Never had a wishlist or prayed for anything for Christmas. Even when I say I do or blog about it I’ve never truly meant it to be honest. Christmas for Me has always been tied to what i will give rather than what I will get but this year it has to be different….

So now I’ve decided what I want for Christmas. Interestingly it’s a borrowed wish but it’s still my wish nonetheless. So last week I was bathing my vida and somehow she reaches out and touches my tummy then this happened

Vida: mummy why is your tummy so big?

Me: because mummy is fat honey.

Vida: why?

Me: because I’m fat (that’s me when I don’t want be drawn into vidas one million questions usually beginning with “why” a million times.

Vida: okay but I want it to burst down

Me: (I laugh) me too o!

Vida: mummy I wish your tummy will burst down.

Funny enough she asked me this week why it hasn’t burst down because it’s her wish. She actually believed…

If only…..

With most things especially weight loss

But let me have some childlike faith and join her in wishing

But let me now add some adult sense and work at making my wish come true

But if by any chance weight loss is simply gifted then Santa here’s my wish


I know some of you are saying this is never gonna happen … last I checked you weren’t Santa. If kids can wish for unicorns what’s the difference?

Ok so if that won’t work my second wish …

I can do the shopping myself. I don’t mind

But if you are really feeling benevolent here’s the summary of my wish

I hope this makes you smile. Enjoy the holiday ….

I gotta run. I need to get ready for service. I’m preaching all 3 services today and I’m sharing on the TRUE meaning of Christmas.


Pastor Mildred

15 thoughts on “Day 24: What I Want For Christmas…

  1. Hahahaha Wait, that meme got me in the heart, yes I truly wish, truly truly wish i was as fat as the first time i thought i was fat….. as in this is more than a wish…

    Throws away the waffles I was just nibbling on and mentally jogging.

    Mama 2018 journey to side 10 o…. I am with you for real this time for every workout bland meal and creamless salad.. whoop whoop!!!


  2. Davida and her friend Kendraโ€ฆ.hmmmm. They mean business this year!

    Kendra: Mom when are you going to be slim again? I want you to be slim

    Me: Why, I need a slim mommy so that you can teach me my ballet and gymnastics ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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