Day 23: The Perfect Gift 

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So because of how much we all loved her last post, I brought one of our guest writers back….

Guess who it is?

The beautiful Diche!


So like Pastor Mildred (and Kemi who is just bunkers about Christmas) I absolutely love Christmas. As far as I am concerned it is definitely the most wonderful time of the year #noargumentsplease. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a home where it was such a big deal (Pastor M has already done previous posts on all the pre, d-day and post-Christmas work celebrations and gift giving. Little wonder I still look forward to Christmas every year with such childlike excitement.

So in view of this, as soon as my kids’ cute little hands had enough dexterity to open gifts I thought it’d be nice to surprise them with gifts on Christmas morning. So two days to Christmas I went down to a supermart nearby and got them twin guitars. I wrapped them up the night before Christmas while they were asleep, oblivious of what mummy had in store for them. As soon as they were up the next morning I presented their gifts too them and boy was it one of the best things ever.

I couldn’t get enough of the look of surprise on their faces, their eyes as they lit up, their smiles and giggles, the squeals of joy. That day, I decided in my heart that this would become a family tradition.

Now as the Christmases went by, it became more of a big deal. The tradition expanded to include cousins and a few aunties. I became more deliberate about picking out their gifts. I gave it a bit more thought… what would be best for them? What do they need? What have they talked about, prayed about, yearned for all year… I took my time to pick out gifts that would serve multiple purposes, gifts that would be fun but would also give an opportunity for learning. I took my time to make sure it would be a gift that would be totally worth it for them.

Then next I would count the cost, usually the gifts with all the bells and whistles don’t come cheap. There would be weeks of pre-planning and saving, days of window shopping (on-line or physical), comparing what I could afford easily or what would be a real sacrifice to the level of excitement and joy each gift would bring.

Then there’s the actual buying day, the day where you pick out the perfect gift and then actually pay the price. The day when your valuable hard/smart earned money exchanges hands for the gift you finally decided is best for each child and then you walk out of the store knowing it’s done… You’ve bought it now, no going back.

Then of course what’s a Christmas present if it’s not a surprise so you have to hide the gift away from their curious eyes and inquisitive minds. You think of creative places to hide the gift, places they would never think to look until its Christmas morning… the perfect time to present it to them and enjoy the euphoria associated with unwrapping and discovering the gift within.

So this year, when it was time for me to go shopping for their gifts I made arrangements for their dear aunty Gladys to take them out at about the same time to buy gifts for themselves. You see they had been saving some money they earned from doing chores around the house. It wasn’t much but it was theirs and they were super proud of it. So when they left I used that as an opportunity to go shopping for them while they were distracted shopping for themselves.

As I walked through the store happy and excited as could be as I picked out their gifts, I suddenly had a thought, it flashed through my head with lightning speed… so fast it took a little while for me to comprehend… Was this how God felt as he gave us  Jesus… the gift of Christmas?

Had he thought about it for all those years, thought about what was best for us, what we needed the most, what we prayed about, what we yearned for? Did He take out time to pick a gift that would serve multiple purposes in our lives …. savior,  redeemer, healer, friend, teacher? Did He take out time to make sure the gift would be totally worth it for us?

Did He count the cost? I’m sure y’all know that Jesus was the “all the bells and whistles” kind of gift and much more. Was His negotiation with Abraham to give Him his only son Isaac his own idea of “window shopping?” Did He compare the level of sacrifice to the level of excitement and joy this gift would bring?

Then when the actual delivery day came, the day when the Holy Spirit came upon Mary and the power of the Most High overshadowed her and she was pregnant with Jesus… yes the day His most valuable gift left his side and became the gift he finally decided was best for His children. Did He walk away knowing it’s done… She’s pregnant now, no going back?

Did His eyes twinkle as He hid this beautiful gift in the most creative of places? The place no one would think to look for the savior, the messiah, the King of kings and Lord of lords… a small and untidy manger. Hidden until the perfect time to reveal this gift to us. A time when we were distracted trying to pay for our sins with our works oblivious of a more perfect plan in motion.

The answer I believe is yes.  I believe God did all of this and more. I believe He has even more joy as one by one we unwrap this gift, as we believe with our hearts and confess with our mouths that Jesus is Lord.

The most amazing thing about this gift is that you never finish unwrapping it… Layer after layer new levels of your relationship with Jesus are unveiled, new revelations, new highs, every time something new, something better, something more fulfilling.

So this Christmas if you haven’t opened this gift yet, don’t let this season pass you by again. Open your gift of Jesus and thank me later. If you already have then pass it on. Let someone know today that Jesus is the best gift ever… The gift that keeps on giving.


Aaaww this is just sweet, and I literally imagined God getting all excited to give us the perfect gift..

Share the gift of Jesus with someone this holiday.. like Diche said he’s the best gift. The gift that keeps on giving…

Have a lovely weekend. Christmas is literally here! 💃💃💃

See you soon

😘😘😘 Kemi

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  1. Best message ever, I will never open a gift without thinking of this message and now that the picture is alive and vivid, I won’t take it for granted….

    This God is really too good…. best Christmas gift ever…

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