Day 21: All things sparkly and delicious.  

Hello everyone..

So it’s another recipe day!!

This Chef likes serenren things, and you can tell from the name of this dish.. but oh my goodness!! Her food is so yummy, and she’s soooo creative when it comes to food.

She’s none other than world renowned international world class Chef Ebun James

Can I get a Whoop! Whoop!!! 💃💃💃💃

x Navidad!

Whoop! Whoop! I waited the whole year for Christmas,…’s truly the best time of the year. The lights, the carol, parties and most of all…..the FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. You see I stressed that because there is always so much to eat. What is Christmas without abundance of food?????????????…Unheard of.

Every Christmas for me is a time to cook those things I didn’t cook all year long. As a teenager, I bought cookbooks with my pocket money. I would give myself a target and tick out one after the other the items I’ve made. My friends used to come by my house in the evening after they’ve routed the whole city of Abeokuta because they know Ebun will surely not cook rice.

I will proudly pack with the help of mum for those who want to take home…I always got a call back from their mum. PS: my friends  were boys then…

Still today, Christmas cannot go without a feast for me…I look forward to it and plan out the long list menu…even when I was in my sickly first trimester days I still cooked up a feast for Christmas and invited friends and family over.

We all just need to look beyond the rice, sometimes….. I desire a Nigeria where everyone will love to eat…good food and not just ‘atadindin’ rice and meat. Where we’ll have a feast with family and friends just like they do during ‘thanksgiving’ in the U.S.A. A Nigeria we can have our favourite foods all year round and not just when they are in season. Speaking of produce in season… menu today embraces seasonal vegetables. One way to always eat fresh and new things is to find a way to use fruits and vegetables in season because they are sweet, fresh, mostly cheap and accessible.

I saw a friend few Sundays back and she said… uhm, you! every time, Bulgur….because I know you’ll see this post….Sorry!!…i just love the stuff…it’s my rescue from rice and it cooks in just 10minuites!!!…Yes, you heard me right and it’s so filling you mostly won’t need to go for a second helping. You can use it to make anything you do with rice and more…

Let’s make BulgurrisottowithLemonpepperchicken. Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish cooked in broth to a creamy consistency. The stock can be derived from meat, fish or vegetables.

You’ll need

2tbsp Unsalted butter

2 Garlic cloves

1 Onion

1½ cups bulgur wheat (half a pack)

½ cup white wine/veg stock

2 seasoning cubes


Parmesan cheese


Fresh rosemary

Chilli flakes

Olive oil/sunflower oil

1kg chicken

Lemon juice

Scoth bonnet pepper( rodo)

Black pepper

Boullion seasoning cubes


Gather your ingredients

Marinate the chicken with some salt, boullion cubes, chilli flakes, fresh rosemary, lemon juice, lemon zest, coriander n cumin powder, scotch bonnet pepper.

Leave to sit overnight or if your in a hurry pour in a ziplock bag to seal in all the spices and keep for about an hour.

Meanwhile prep the ingredients you need for the bulgur wheat, cut up your onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro stems, green pepper and set aside.

Also, peel your carrots and cut off the hard heads n tails.

Slit carrots into two equal halves and you’re oven readyyy. Do the same with a large blob of garlic and shallots.

Lay the carrots flat side down in an oven safe dish with one green thai chilli

Remove chicken from bag and sear on high heat on both sides till it has a golden brown colour on the outside, and then lay on the carrots and garlic in the dish.

We’re oven ready!.

Now for the bulgur risotto

Gather your ingredients, bacon or pancetta, tomatoes, green pepper, cilantro.

In a deep pot fry the pancetta without any oil as the meat is very oily. And then add the rest of the vegetables to the pot

Make the stock with boullion cubes, ginger, garlic, fresh rosemary and scotch bonnet pepper and set on  a mediun to low heat for it to simmer for about 15 minutes.

The bulgur wheat does not need to be rinsed so pour directly into your pot and allow it to toast with all the seasonings. Begin to add stock to the bulgur bot one ladle at a time to ensure the water dries up before adding more to intensity the food. Keep adding till your bulgur is soft enough for you

Finish with some more tomatoes, butter and cilantro florets.

Bring out the chicken after about 30-40minuites and enjoy. The carrots would soften and the flavour of the roasted chicken seasons it into a soft,delicate carrots like you’ve never had before…..wink*

Easy peasy isn’t it. Serve hot with a glass of sangria. <br”> *****************************************

Doesn’t this look yummy 😍😍

It’s 4 days to Christmas! Try something different this Christmas…

Oh and for more recipes, check out Chef Ebun’s IG page @chefebunoluwajames it’s very colourful 😍

See you soon guys

😘😘😘😘 Kemi 

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  1. Seriously considering this… where can i find cheese now in this my small town. Will be sure to tag you if i do. But gosh it looks yummy . Let me go and follow her on IG and salivate some more.

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