Day 20: Ekpang Nkukwo

Hello everyone! 

Can’t believe it’s 5 days till Christmas! 💃💃

 And in 11 days 2017 will be over… 11 days!!! Time went by so fast.. 

But I’m excited about 2018, uber excited!! 💃💃💃

So today is Recipe day!! We are gonna be learning to cook something new and different… Ekpang Nkukwo.

I had this meal for the first time ever this year at my darling Ekamma’s wedding… now Mrs Sydney- Okorie 😆… and I loved it! The food just literally melts in your mouth… 

Our Chef today is a beautiful, eclectic, passionate lady and she has the voice of an angel, read her bio below…

Ubiebifayen wisdom Ama  also known as Amaikah is a recording artiste and a cook. She hails from Akwa-ibom state, in the South South region of Nigeria, a sub Saharan African country to be precisely. The very passionate and zealous  Amaikah doubles as the CEO of Amaikah Entertainment Ltd and Amacook Nigeria, she is a performer, a singer, song writer, wife, mother and a not to forget, a good cook. 

Amacook Nigeria is a cook house company that cooks and deliver home made Nigerian pot/litres of delicious soups.

Her aim is to provide delicious and satisfactory meal to people in offices, homes and parties.

To nourish and satisfy people with an excellent service of fresh homemade delicious meals. 

AmaCook is entirely concerned about its customers health, so at AmaCook it’s all about balanced, healthy and freshly prepared foods to meet the ranging demand of Nigerians.

See told you she was beautiful! 😍😍, and you get two pictures just because I love them both, and it was so hard to choose!! 


Ingredients :

Coco yam + water yam(optional)

Coco yam leaves or green leaves 

Periwinkle with shells

Cray fish



Scents leaves

Utazi leaves

Stock fish 

Palm oil


Titus fish (optional)

Goat meat (optional) 


Seasoning cubes (bottom pot) 

Knorr cubes

Salt to taste. 


  *Peel, wash and grate or blend your cocoyam + water yam with a blender 

*pick your coco yam leaves from the mid ribs or pluck your green leaves from the stem and wash properly

*clean your pot, grease the sides and base of the pot with Palm oil
*mix the coco and water yam together add a little salt and mix properly

*then put your cut and washed periwinkle in the pot

*then scoop a small amount of the coco yam paste and Place it on the leaves (green or coco yam leaves) and wrap with your fingers, place gently in the pot 

*then add the fish, cray fish, pomo,stock fish,shrimps pepper (Cameron pepper +red pepper) utazi, seasoning cubes and a little salt 

* place on the fire, add two cups of stock/hot boiling water around the edge of the pot slowly and cover

*let it cook for 15mins add some more water, oil and salt if needed. 

*stir gently with a wooden spoon taste for salt, add the scent leaves and allow to simmer for 1min and stir .

Your delicious special ekpang nkukwo is ready !!!!

Serve hot.

You can follow us on instagram and facebook @amacookng feel free to slide in and to place your order call us on 08033076099.

Images: Courtsey @dooneyskitchen 

Please send pictures when you try this yummy recipe out.. Let the cooking begin! 💃💃

See you all soon. 

😘😘😘 Kemi 

5 thoughts on “Day 20: Ekpang Nkukwo

  1. Don’t want to try cooking this. I just love eating it.just watching dis illustration, I have to place an order.
    I almost got carried away analysing amakas face and accessories..she’s pretty and well put together. Keep it up sis.

    Liked by 1 person

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