Day 19: The 12 days Christmas bucket list.. 

Hey Everyone…

It was an interesting weekend!!! We had Roc-Ca-Roll and it was amazing!!!

And because I missed yesterday’s post 🙈,

I’m going to do a two in one post today… 😊💃💃..

So heads up, it’s going to be a very long one….

On Friday we had Roc-Ca-Roll at our Island Centre, and it rocked!!! We had Rev Femi Oduwole (grandpa Rev) as we all love to call him and his family and Rev Laurie Idahosa too…

It also rocked at our mainland centre too!!! Was so much fun! And he had fireworks at the end!!! 😍😍

Oh and I heard the best version of “Mary did you know” on Sunday, done by Palmira.. Lord!! That girl can sing!!!! And St Rhymes did his thing too, this time more as a rap…

I absolutely love my church!! We are fun, real, cool and we’re not regular.. lol.  We do extraordinary things…

OK so let’s get into the second post, we have another guest writer! 💃💃💃 and she’ll be sharing on things to do with your kids this holiday..

She’s the head of our children’s church, I call her North point, and oysters.. lol.. she comes up with the craziest ideas, and also makes them happen.. she’s sweet, she’s amazing.. she’s actually a very quiet person but she’s also a power house..

She’s none other than Mrs Shade Fayomi


12 Day Christmas Bucket List

I recall going to Balogun/Lagos market with my mum when I was much younger. The early trips were an adventure but as time wore on it became a dreaded ritual. It was a tradition that was not only embraced by my mum but also by her sisters and friends as well, it was like a Christmas cult. I am sure a few women reading this can relate to these trips. I was always amazed at how my mum would almost always choose mid to late December to go shopping, the peak period when the market would be thick with shoppers and shop lifters. The markets were usually so jampacked that we didn’t even need our feet to walk, the throng just moved us along as if we were on a hover board.


I also remember the mental preparation that was involved before we jumped into the crowd, while standing at the edge my mum would reel out the market safety drill with stern warnings, she’ll clutch her handbag firmly then lock an arm with mine as I did the same with my younger ones. It always felt like we were going into battle. We would levitate through the multitude to get to the preferred stalls while trying to window shop but not window shop at the same time –we didn’t want the traders to think we were interested because once they smelled blood they would swoop in for the kill. The traders would tug at us at one end trying to drag us into their shops while my mum pulled at the other end. Then there was the bargaining, the never ending back and forth that always made us scream, ‘Mummy let’s just buy it”. Let’s not forget the endless try-ons, the snacking-on-the-go and the hot weather. The interesting thing was after going through all that to get some pretty, prickly frock, my sister would whine so much about the outfit that sometimes she got off with not putting it on at all. Lagos shopping! The trips eventually ended at some point, I can’t recall exactly when but they did.


I decided not to go down the Lagos Shopping route with my own kids, it just felt like too much wahala as far as I was concerned, besides I didn’t think any child should be subjected to such torture, so you can imagine my surprise last weekend when my little cousins; two girls aged 9 &11 raved about going shopping in Lagos with their mum. Their mum is a year older than me so we are basically the same generation. They sounded so excited about the ‘market experience’ and couldn’t even sit still while trying to describe it. I felt seriously chastised, I had focused so much on the not-so-pleasant side of Lagos shopping that I had forgotten the fun part and this is why I am going to dedicate the first thing on my Christmas-bucket-list for parents, to my cousins. At this point, I think I should confess that I really don’t have 12 activities for 12 days but I am trusting that inspiration will come as I place my fingers on my keyboard. As you go through each suggestion, remember that Christ is the reason for the season so each activity can be used as an opportunity to teach them more about Jesus in a memorable way.

1) Lagos Shopping

Now I am sure this is not for everyone; especially mums with little kids. I however think that everyone should try this at least once or twice with their kids. Also many stores stock really decent items. Enjoy the hustle and bustle, the noise, the strong smell, the bargaining and the street food then come back and share your delights or horrors with us.

2) Beach

This is another throwback. Does anyone recall going to the beach with warmers of food and coolers of drinks? There are many decent beaches now and if you are concerned about safety you can opt for the plethora of private beaches we have now. You and your children can have so much fun playing in the water, building sand castles, picking up sea shells and praying that there’s no sand in the Jollof rice when it’s time to eat.


3) Set Up a Christmas tree  

Setting up a Christmas tree is a fun way to bring the whole family together and if you have a big tree and presents to wrap (real or fake) then you can spend the whole day having a ball.


4) Crafts

Before you dismiss this one, crafts can be a fun way to spend time with your children and teach them many valuable skills. You can make cards and Christmas decorations with your children especially if they are below the eye-rolling age of 10. Children over these age range might not find this so appealing so you may need to come up with more creative ways to get them involved. If you succeed with this, please tell us how.


5) Art Gallery/Scenery

In case you failed to stir up the creative juices with number 4, you can hop into a car, bus or uber and drive around to see the any of the breathtaking décor that have sprung up in the last few weeks. My son and I had lots of fun last year picking out the décor we thought was best. There are many streets in Lagos that have amazing décor and if you hurry now, you can catch the Lagos Photo Gallery on display at Falomo, Ikoyi.

6) Amusement Park

After a long period of hibernation, Amusement Parks are back and they are all the rage. I went to one recently and was impressed by the aesthetics though the customer service wasn’t a thing of beauty. That said this is bound to ensure that everyone in your family has a great time.

Yay! We’re halfway through and at this point, I feel like repeating all the ideas. Hopefully you won’t notice. Nah! Don’t give up now. Let’s do this.

7) Road/Air/Water/Village Trip 

Travelling abroad is always a fun thing to do with family at Christmas. If you can’t afford to go right now, you can hop onto a local ferry and go on a round trip and take in the sights. Go to the village!! Now, you may be thinking that she’s really struggling to come up with ideas. However, going to the village with your kids (if you can find your way there) will be a treat that your kids won’t forget especially if it isn’t normal for them to go.  Yes, I know for some women going to the village is anything but fun especially if you are the youngest of 7 wives. Going to the village can also be a good opportunity to connect your children to their healthy cultural heritage, you may even draw a parallel with Jesus’ birth story.

8) Carol Service

Remember bisco lights? Actually they are called sparklers as my colleague snobbishly corrected me. Carol services are always amazing especially if they are conducted in a place with beautiful lights, décor and a choir filled with nightingales. The songs, hymns, worship… simply divine.

9) Bake or Cook

Children absolutely love helping out with cooking before they get to the age when they have to cook for real. Come up with a snazzy Christmas menu and cook a feast. Send us pictures.

10) Fireworks

If you have good backyard space, go for it.

11) Orphanage

Taking your children to visit an orphanage with gifts is a wonderful way to teach them many lessons about Christmas namely, God’s love and sacrifice; His instruction for us to reach out to others and gratitude.

12) Grotto

What will Christmas be without taking your kids to see a scary old looking man with a white beard and a red hat (just kidding), not really some of them look spooky. Actually if you are looking for a really cool grotto this season that is infused with fun, adventure as well as the all-important gifts.. just take a look around you, there should be one happening in your neighbourhood…


Alright that’s all folks..

See you tommorw..

Bringing something really cool your way..

😘😘😘 Kemi


9 thoughts on “Day 19: The 12 days Christmas bucket list.. 

  1. I absolutely enjoyed reading this post… Probably wont do half of this stuff cos my wahala threshold is very low 🙈but i still enjoyed reading it. Too many laugh out loud moments.

    Thankfully my kids have awesome aunt(ies) that will fill in the gap *wink* *wink* and as the good mother that I am, I will ferry them over to said aunties for baking, crafts, shopping, amusement parks and the likes… Lol

    Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😂😂 I know this! @ low wahala threshold… Yayyy to amazing aunties tho! Thank you in advance for making Christmas one to remember.. 😁😁


  2. 😀😀😀😀 Laughing and thinking, Omo mehn…. You solo on point with the Lagos waka… And the over pricing… Choice! I think all mothers did this though. This pricing something…

    Really fun reading through… Will try see the ones I can do. Like the Amusement Park idea. Recall going to the one in Apapa as a child – memorable times.

    Surprised you didn’t include taking them to see a movie in the cinema – and there you were thinking you no go reach 12.(although I didn’t believe you sha😀😀)

    Thanks for the suggestions. Like i said, I go try… I go try sha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. North point will definitely deliver. Hope she gets another day. Absolutely loved reading this post.

    And to those planning to impose on aunties instead of doing mummy wahala …. God help you. 😂


  4. Ahhh! I enjoyed reading this. Lagos market I don’t have power for but we did our Christmas tree together – was fun. I think we will cook and maybe amusement park.. thanks Aunty Shade for the list. Village trip for make sense sha oh but… A really rich list of ideas.. thank you again

    Liked by 1 person

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