Day 16: Should I do it? (Part 1)

Hey people,

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far! We had carol at our Island Centre yesterday.. whoop! (Gist for another day) So today we have a guest writer..

It’s the second Co- CEO of writers Ink! She’s a prose writer and an amazing story teller… and just lovesssss to write.. lol. She’s married with two beautiful kids, and she’s a crazy God lover!

Let’s give Mrs Tope Akinbode a warm welcome!! 💃💃💃

Hey everyone!

I am sooooooooo excited. It is such a huge privilege to be a guest writer on JUGN blog. Thank you Mama, thank you Kemi Shittu.

Huh!!! (Deep breath)

Okay, to why I am here….

For those that know, I am a writer; a script writer to be specific. What most people don’t know is that I also do prose writing, so here’s something for you.

When you’re done reading, we’ll talk.


* * * * * * * * * * *

Maria stood nervously at the reception, debating the wisdom of her decision. She shouldn’t be here. Being here meant she was asking for trouble and she knew it. She decided to leave and make some excuse later but as she turned to, she hit the source of her discomfort solidly in the chest. She laughed nervously as he smiled at her.


“It’s okay. Come on! Let’s go upstairs.” He held her hand in his firm grip as if he sensed if he let her go, she would run.

She gave an inward sigh, following him meekly. In all fairness to her, she had not bargained for this. She’d left the house with the intention of going to have fun instead of staying alone, gloomy and moody, feeling sorry for herself. It was Christmas Eve and she deserved to enjoy herself. Unfortunately, all her friends were either in the village with their families or outside the country, enjoying the holiday season so she’d gotten into her car and driven to the cinemas. At least she could enjoy a good movie with the company of people around her. What she had not bargained for was meeting her ex just as she emerged from the cinemas, heading towards her car. He had not changed a bit since the last time she saw him; that was four years ago when she’d seen him off at the airport as he travelled out of the country for his Masters Degree. He still had the same charming smile that always melted her heart no matter how angry she was with him. That was the smile he gave her now as they both stood staring at each other, oblivious of the people passing by. The air between them was charged and there was no denying that there was still an attraction between them. She told herself to walk away but she couldn’t; not when he had that smile on his face.

“You look good,” he said softly, breaking the silence

She smiled in response, saying the first thing that came to her head. “You haven’t changed.”

He laughed, his eyes twinkling in amusement as a beautiful lady dressed in a lovely gown touched his arm, getting his attention.  “Fola, we’re going in.”

Maria knew she had no right to feel jealous but that didn’t stop or change how she felt. She wanted to know who the woman was and couldn’t help asking. “Your wife?” she asked, turning her smile which was now forced on the woman.

“Oh no!” he said shaking his head. “My friend’s fiancée,” he supplied just as another man joined them. “I came in for their wedding. It’s in three days’ time.”

“Oh!” Maria said weakly, feeling ashamed of herself. Fola wasn’t hers anymore and he had a right to be with whoever he wanted to be with.

He turned to his friends ignoring her briefly. “You guys go in.”

“You sure?” the woman asked, giving Maria a surreptitious glance.

“Yeah! I have some catching up to do,” he answered, his gaze on her. “If you are alone?” he added meaningfully

“I am,” she replied.

The couple looked at each other, wondering what was going on between the two of them before conceding. “Okay!”

He waited for them to walk by before speaking, falling into step beside her. “So you were headed?”

“Home,” she smiled.

He glanced at his wrist-watch. “Why? The day is still young or you running home to…”

“No!” She responded a little too sharply, cutting him off.

He didn’t seem to mind. “Good. Then we have time. You mobile?”

“Yes. My car is parked over there,” she answered gesturing in the general direction of the parking area.

“Lead the way!”

And so she had and had found herself at his hotel after much debate on where was plausible for them to talk privately without intrusion. She wondered for the umpteenth time what made her agree to come to his hotel as she stood in the middle of his room, looking at anywhere but him. If she was nervous when she was downstairs, she was doubly nervous now standing alone with him behind closed doors.

Hmmm this story is hot oh! Can’t wait to find out how it ends.. Part 2 loading.. you better come back to finish up..

How do you think it would end though? Comment below..

See you soon ladies

😘😘😘 Kemi

24 thoughts on “Day 16: Should I do it? (Part 1)

      1. But I’m curious though… Why do you think she won’t… Especially with emotions raging…?

  1. I’m already complaining in advance that this story is short…

    Please Tope do 12days of Christmas for us.

    She wouldn’t sleep with him. That’s how the story will end. But if a lot of us say this, Tope will twist it lol

    1. 😀😀😀😀😀 Hahaha! Eziaha the prophetess! Well… I think the one thing any writer doesn’t really like is the readers predicting them *wink wink”
      Let’s see sha…. Fingers crossed😘😘

      1. Hmmm… I don’t know about 12 days of Christmas o! Eziaha please don’t set me up, biko😛😀. I think all the days have been taken. Abi Kemi?😀😀

    1. I like this guessing game already😀😀 Will she? Will she not? Makes me think of Aerial in The Little Mermaid where she was crushing on Derrick… He loves me… He loves me not…

      Hmm… She will do it… She will not do it… She will… We’ll find out soon enough…

    1. Nne of life! Ever supportive. Thank you hun! I love that you love my writing. Makes me not want to disappoint you and my
      many admirers 😀😀

  2. Please come quickly with part 2. But I guess it ends with a lot of suspense cos we weren’t told the major cause of the break up other than he travelled for his masters, so there’s a chance for a happily ever after. I love novels romantic to be precise*winks*. Thanks Mama and Kemi for your choice of amazing writers they’ve being awesome.

    1. 😀😀😀😀 Wendy is a romantic like me o!!!! Hmm… See Wendy analysing. Oya, let’s go. Who knows? Some love are made in heaven? Abi no be so?😀😀

  3. She will go ahead and later discover hes either married or in a relationship. He seems to be silent about his present status

  4. Wow! This is soo good … you got my heart racing prettty fast… am not guessing the end juh 😜… I would come back tomorrow… Nice1 ToPe😘

  5. This is Super Story (Singing the song in my head).. I can’t wait for Part 2. Oya oh Tope, this story is hot.

    1. Lol… nonye part 2 has been posted already.. refresh the just us girls page, you should see it there..

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