Day 14: Touched By An Angel…

Hey people

I know it’s been really nice on the blog the last few days having lots of amazing guest writers. Well, guess what?!!!

Lol! Well at least for today and I’m here specially for my TTCs.

Today I’m here for you ladies so let’s do this !

Christmas used to be a very sobering period for me when I got married. I still remember two things would happen

1. The reality of the fact that I didn’t have any kids was always so much stronger. Every one is talking about buying Christmas clothes for kids, Christmas presents, decorating the house so the kids can have the Christmas feel or where to take them now that they are on holiday or how scattered the house was during the holidays or how they had to cook a lot of varieties because of the kids and blah the blah the blah …. At the time all these things just always felt alien to me.

2. The reality that another year had come to an end and I still had an empty womb hit me. The year was literally over. I mean once it’s Christmas next thing you know it’s New Year’s. Haven’t you noticed people never really just wish you a merry Christmas they kinda just blend it together.

See? How scary is that?

I remember the turning point Christmas I had. It was in 2007, our 3rd Christmas together as husband and wife and the peak of my worry mode in marriage. That Christmas was particularly hard. Now let me break it down.

Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year.

Yep! I love everything about Christmas and coming from a large family of six- four girls and two boys with lots of friends and cousins flowing in and out every time you can imagine how exciting and interesting Christmas always was and the 26th of December is my parents’ wedding anniversary so there’s always always a big fuss around Christmas time. My mum makes a fuss about birthdays generally so how much more Jesus’ birthday?

And I love to cook and bake and make salads so of course I was always around the food too. So Christmas was really a great time for me. I mean my mum really did a great job of making a fuss I became infected

So of course by now you know I couldn’t wait to do the same for my kids. Now imagine my shock and disappointment that 3 christmases down the line no babies.

Another thing is because I’m introverted I have this habit of building a small circle and building my world around them and being an introverted pastors wife made it even worse because I really tried to keep away from drama because I believe pastors’ wives are sometimes the most misunderstood and misjudged people on the planet. Everyone has an opinion on who they think she is but very few really ever truly know (that’s story for another day) so anyhow somehow I had literally built my world around my husband. He being my only close friend.

My husband on the other hand is an extrovert and likes lots of people around so he leaves home early that morning to see a few friends to be back in “a few” hours to be with me. A few hours almost turns to a few days as my husband doesn’t get back till 11pm.

My parents travelled. My siblings were out of town. I was all alone with the many different meals I had made for my husband and I. To say I was miserable was an understatement.

My home was empty and there was no where to go and nothing to do.

You know, I think Christmas can be really hard on women trying to conceive. Almost as hard as Mother’s Day. But you know Christmas is also baby season 😁

You cannot really tell the story of Christmas without talking about the miracle of babies or of unexpected miracles. It’s the season of angels.

they come bearing good tidings

The Christmas story brings us good news that babies don’t even have to come from the natural order. Mary the mother of Jesus was nothing but a teenage girl who is she was a late bloomer had probably never even seen her period let alone have a cycle then secondly she had never “known” a man. In my opinion this was just God showing off. He wasn’t just showing he could do great things, he was totally suspending the rules.

Now note you are going to get pregnant the same way she did. By faith. This was the year I actually started paying attention. And this is how she got pregnant

Two things are very important here and they will be key for you too. The Holy Spirit and the Power of God. All you need to do is listen for God’s different instructions and agree in faith.

but the story didn’t even start there. The story starts with Mary’s cousin Elizabeth who is barren and old. An angel was sent to her husband too and wait for it….

an angel was sent to deliver another baby.

So ladies it’s a season of babies. It’s raining babies darlings let’s tap into it. I’m believing God that he will send you an angel this Christmas and they will bring you the good news that you so deserve.

these 3 angels you will definitely need this Christmas

while these angels are on their way to you there are a few things you can do to make it a happier season

  • Give joy – go out of your way to make someone happy this Christmas. It will take your mind off yourself.
  • Give love- do something practical to show some love. Have some overwhelmed mums kids over for a few days this Christmas.
  • Give Gifts- just because you have no kids to buy gifts for this Christmas doesn’t mean you get to keep your money 😁 but gifts for nieces and nephews. Be a part of their Christmas. Their parents may even be overstretched with school fees and some other stuff. Be a great Aunty. I know I did. I still enjoy having them over now even now that I have kids.
  • Go out – don’t lock your self in feeling sorry for yourself. Go out have fun. Or invite or TTC mums and watch lots of Christmas movie and eat lots of junk ( sorry coach E πŸ™ˆ)

My point is

Enjoy your life and Enjoy the season and have loads of fun baby making sex πŸ˜‰

Love you ladies

Pastor Mildred

17 thoughts on “Day 14: Touched By An Angel…

  1. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜„ thanks ma, I soo needed this. No more pity party and getting starry-eyed when I see babies up and down this Christmas.
    Thank you ma.


  2. Thanks a lot ma for this post, especially now that I’m seeing cute children everywhere and I have been sad bcos we are in the villa and everyone is here with their children except me but this post made me a lot better now though I’m just accessing my mails because my tablet was bad but it’s been repaired and I’m back now and this lifted my spirit, thanks once again ma.
    Your number 1 follower/fan in Uyo.

    Liked by 1 person

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