Day 13: Our First Christmas….

Hello everyone, It’s day 13! The days are going by so fast…

Today we have a beautiful guest writer, she’s fun, witty, she’s a badass makeup artist and also a writer, and she recently had a baby πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

She’ll be sharing with us her first christmas as a wife and mum,

She’s none other than the beautiful Rema Chisom Udo!


It’s been all of 3months, 3weeks and 3 days since I became a mum, and each day I’m still astounded by the beautiful privilege God has given me to mother my beautiful child Zoey-Maya.
So i was siting in my bed, making my lists and thinking of life as it is now and it struck me rather interesting, one of my life’s desicions (for atleast the next 17years) has become “what will Zoey’s Christmas dress look like?”
Yes! Christmas is my most favorite time of the year -my countdown officially begins December 1st- and as I am so given to planning and organizing and scheduling and listing, I decided to make a list of what my first Christmas as a mummy should look like. Starting with my christmas day meal plan, I’m going to attempt my first cookie and pastry bake- I need to start getting used to baking and the likes, because you know, my child-ren have begun to surround my table.
One of our new ‘Christmas tradition’ that revolves specifically around my little one this Christmas is a family photo shoot. I have dilly-dallied doing her photoshoot for long enough and this Christmas season is a perfect opportunity to have Maya’s moments as a baby captured by a pro’ photographer (you don’t have to ask before you know, her pictures occupy 99.99 percent of my phone πŸ˜…, everything she does somehow seems like a camera worthy moment). I’m trying not to make it that big a deal, so I’d just go through her clothes and pick some colors that are ‘christmasy’. I should get her a sign that says “My first Christmas” though, that should be nice.
I have already set aside Maya’s Christmas dress and shoe, so you should know I’m excitedly looking forward to dressing her that morning. My child like excitement for this single activity is so uncontrollable, hopefully she’d share this excitement with me when she’s old enough to catch the buzz!
The Christmas season has become even more beautiful for me. Just last year I had my first Christmas as a wife, and now even better, I get to celebrate it as a wife and mother! I feel extremely grateful to feel this way I’m feeling. I’m utterly blessed and there’s no denying. I look forward to many more Christmases and decorating the tree with my Maya, wrapping and un-wrapping gifts, baking cinnamon buns and dark chocolate chip cookies, picking out her Christmas day ensemble in her favorite colors, starting more family traditions and making beautiful Christmas memories. Christmas for me just got a whole load fun-ner!

8 thoughts on “Day 13: Our First Christmas….

  1. No ma. I strongly disagree (in British accent) 17 years is way too far…let’s start at 3 years old, then by the fourth year your decision will no longer be ‘what will d dress look like’ but “am I willing to spend this much on one more dress she just picked”
    “Mummy but i like it. I need to take it hoooome”
    “But you already have something similar in blue colour”
    “No mummy, this red has the bow on the right side of my chest”
    “No dear, pick another”
    …..sulk…sulk.. and Christmas is almost ruined until you bring out your debit card with a sigh….n eventually fall in love with her choice because she’s happy.
    have fun with your daughter…you’ll play dress up forever!!! Start with picking, then paying, then twinning etc .daughter’s r fun.

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