Day 12: Is that all? 

Hey people.

So today we have another guest writer… you see how much we just love you and we’re bringing different flavours your ways…

She beautiful, intelligent, witty, FUNNY, and she’s crazy about God. We’ve been blessed to have her as our compere at most of our Justusgirls events.

Yup I’m sure you know who I’m talking about already…

It’s our Ah-mazing Ameze!!! Whoop! Whoop!!!

And she’s going to share something really interesting… before you go on, let me ask you a question.

What does Christmas really mean to you?



Is it? Is that all?

I had a conversation with my friend about the concept of Christmas, not particularly as the event that changed the course of history, but as a season every year and in her opinion, “Giving, Love, Jesus, that’s all now”. In the statement, I perceived a question…Is that it? Is that really all there is to Christmas? I remember arriving at the Washington Dulles Airport, during the Christmas season last year and hearing airport staff say to me “Happy Holidays”! Is it just that, a holiday? One more day to stay at home and enjoy a semblance of paid leave?

I suspect that many times we get carried away by the craze of the season, such that we fail to capture the essence and the spirit of the season. We are consumed by the smell of Christmas (which, by the way, is really the smell of harmattan, at least in Nigeria); the sales in our favourite shops and the variety of meals we will enjoy as we visit our family, friends and loved ones. On the one hand, this may not be so bad, because it tends to distract from what people typically refer to as December blues – where depression looms, as a result of unaccomplished goals and a general state of dissatisfaction. On the other hand, we lose so much when we fail to catch the essence of the season.

Christmas is Giving – that sacrificial gift of the son of God, a gift that was not without a purpose, but must have hurt so much. The purpose was to redeem man and eventually gain more children, but that didn’t make the decision any easier. To grasp the spirit of the season, would be to give, even when it hurts. Give your time to that sister/brother that’s on the verge of imploding and just needs to let it out. To share your food with that neighbour, even when it is clearly not enough. To give out that favourite outfit, that you have not had a reason to wear. To give your life, all of it, to the one who gave His son of for you.

Christmas is Love, the expression of God’s love. For the love that God had for man, he paid the ultimate price – the sacrifice of life, the life of his son. This he did, to ensure that man would not die, but reign in this life and live the very life of God, here on earth. To capture the spirit of this Love, would be for me, to love like I have never loved this season, to consciously love the unloveable. Love even when it is not convenient…trust me, after watching Passion of the Christ, I am convinced that there is nothing convenient about death on the cross

Christmas is Jesus, the birth of Jesus, an event that changed for ever, the way God would hence forth relate with man. To capture the essence and the spirit of this event, would be to recognise and to be deliberate about my gratitude to a Hero, my Hero, who chose to save me, in spite of me. To recognise that my life was marked for destruction, but He came and changed my story, and not just mine, but anyone who would accept His love.

Christmas – Giving, Love, Jesus; that’s all now? Yes, it is and in grasping the essence is so much more!

See you guys soon..

😘😘😘 Kemi

6 thoughts on “Day 12: Is that all? 

  1. Yes it is…… understanding this three things (Give, Love,JESUS)is much more. Thank you for sharing this with us, it’s a reminder of what Christmas is all about.😊

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