Day 11: Let’s Travel 

Hello everyone. .

It’s a new week and it’s 14 days to Christmas! 😲😲 💃💃💃💃…. I actually did a mini dance.. lol.

I particularly like travelling,

not necessarily being on the plane for long hours… but visiting a different country, the atmosphere, their food (I’m sure we’ve all established that I’m a foodie),

See!! I didn’t say it.. we foodies are the best 😁.

the people… everything really. That makes them who they are…

Do you have plans of travelling this season? have you been thinking about something fun to do for the family without breaking the bank?

Fasten your seat belts, and take a ride with me..

 Let’s make all your dreams come true….

OK I’m kidding… lol, not all your dreams, but your travel dream…

But before you start packing your bags, and get all excited.. I have something to tell you…. 
r it……
her guest writer today! Whoop! She’s beautiful, she’s sweet, and has a warm smile. She’s a travel agent and She’s also a radio presenter on rhythm 93.7. She’s the bubbly Mabel Briggs.

And she’s going to be giving us tips on travelling this season on a budget..



Travelling has been known to be therapeutic and is greatly encouraged especially if you just need some time away to plan, re strategize and generally change environment.

December period is regarded as high season period in the aviation industry and what this means is that flight tickets and hotel fares will be high this period , so for you that desires to travel but wants to spend less and still get value for your money, then this blog post is definitely for you.

Tired of travelling to the United Kingdom and America and you need to go some place that’s easily accessible, void of visa stress and “cheap”, then our first port of call would be Ghana

Ghana is one of Africa’s friendliest nations and renowned for combining the continent’s best elements in a single location. Politically stable and safe for tourists, Ghana is the place to be for rich, ethnic culture, beautiful biodiversity and fascinating history, attracting more than a million visitors every year.

Flights to Ghana vary in price depending on the airline, but one sure thing is the earlier you book the cheaper it will be.

Also airlines often have lower prices on fares out of peak times and on certain days like Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

You can also drive into Ghana, although the estimated drive time is 12hours, but you would have stops and breaks along as you go and also appreciate the scenery of the borders and the neighboring towns like Lome, Bene Republic etc you can plan for it to make it an interesting journey.

Accommodation Since you are on a budget, I suggest that you look for budget hotels or if you are in a group or a family, I suggest an apartment or a house that will accommodate everyone,  will be much more cheaper than staying in a branded hotel.

SIGHTS AND SOUND: There are countless places to visit in Ghana and the capecoast namely:

•Kwame Nkrumah park

•Elmina castle

•Cape coast castle

•Kakum National park

•Accra mall

•Bojo beach

•Labadi beach

•Osu oxford street
n lighthouse.


Whispering Palms is located at Adijo Town in Badagry on a very large expanse of land that accommodates a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities for you and the children, like boat rides, zoo, heritage museum, beach sports etc.

Whispering Palms likes to be classified as a village resort with a four star experience.

I personally have been to whispering palms and its the perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle of Lagos. The amazing thing about whispering palms is that it has gotten better with time, unlike most of our resort and leisure facilities here in Nigeria, they keep upgrading and revamping the resort and with every visit, its a new experience.

Whispering palms is a 20 minutes drive away from the popular slave museum and 30 minutes drive from the French Village and the first storey building in Nigeria.

For the festive season they have very catching and mouth watering discounts and promos, take advantage of it.


It is a resort located at the Obudu Plateau in Cross River state.

This ranch attracts tourists in their numbers all year round. The ranch also organizes an annual race called Obudu Ranch International Mountain Race in the hilly surroundings. Obudu Town is also located downstream of Obudu Dam, and this serves as a recreational facility.

Due to its altitude, Obudu has a semi-temperate mountain climate. This temperature in this region is relatively moderate; it is neither extremely hot nor cold. And the transition between rainy season and dry season are usually moderate. As such, you can visit the town at any time of the year.

The closest airport to Obudu is Bebi Airport. This airport serves the Bebi area in the Cross River State of Nigeria. The distance between this airport and Obudu Town is 18km. The major modes of transportation in Obudu are motorcycles (also called Okadas) and taxis. The taxis have been subsidized a great deal by the state government and as such, they are cheap and affordable.

The popular Obudu Cattle Ranch now referred to as Obudu Mountain Resort is located in the town of Obudu. Your visit to Obudu is not complete if you do not visit this resort center. You can also visit other places in the region such as  Afi Forest Reserve and Agbokim Waterfalls.

Freedom Shopping Center and Samafric Limited some of the popular places in Obudu where people go to shop. Also, the town has many local markets where home grown groceries are sold.


Ikogosi resort is one of the nation’s finest tourist destinations with enchanting natural beauty that stands out with stunning visual spectacle as well as globally-acclaimed earth science and hydrological site, clear skies, the undisturbed sights and sounds of nature, thick and green plantation, rolling hills and a warm spring that fires human curiosity in its healing powers as a good cure for all forms of skin ailment, aches, hypertension, arthritis.

An elegant and classical accommodation in centre of Ikogosi

100 Rooms

4 Restuarants

2 Revolving Cocktail bar

Non Static Warm Swimming Pool

24h Parking & Security

Airport pick up service

24 hour front desk staff

It is a beautiful place to escape to with your family and enjoy nature and the calmness it brings.

Ikogosi Warm Spring is the Therapeutic effect on all forms of skin ailment, aches, hypertension, arthritis, Flowing side by side the warm spring, is a cold spring. According to experts,

it is a geological wonder to have such occurrence out of the same rock formation and this Ekiti flagship tourist destination is the only one of its kind discovered anywhere in the world.

The warm and cold springs of Ikogosi originate from a close proximity, come to a meeting point, and flow onward together with each spring retaining its thermal identity.

It represents another uniqueness and is the first of such occurrence in the world. The warm spring has a temperature of up to 70oC at the source and 37oC after meeting the cold spring. The meeting point of the warm and cold springs is a unique attraction to tourists. Strangely also, there is a tree and a palm growing from the same source at the meeting point area of the warm and cold springs signifying unity, harmony and oneness as exemplified by nature.

There you have it guys…

Are you planning on travelling this season? Let’s us know where you’re going 😊. And if this post helped you decide, let us know also, and if you need further help planning your trip, send mabel a message, she’ll solve all your travel needs.. (drop a comment and I’ll send her email address).

See you soon…

😘😘😘 Kemi 

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