Day 10: Recipe 

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So today Bisi is back to share a recipe with you guys, if you missed her last post please click the link below:

Efo Elegusi

1. A derica  of egusi ( blended)

2. Stock fish

3. Crayfish

4. Smoked fish

5. Ugwu leaf

6. A little quantity of bitter leaf

7.locust beans

8. 1/4 bottle of palm oil

9. Kpomo

10. Pepper ( tatashe, rodo and onion) tomato is optional.

11. Maggi ( any seasoning that brings out the best in your cooking is allowed )

12. Onion, water and salt


Here are the list of options you can add to your egusi soup.

1. Snail, 2. Goat meat, 3. Inner parts of meat, 4. Crab and lot more.

1. Wash and clean all your vegetable then set it aside.

2. Boil or soak you stock fish over night,Then set aside .

3. Clean and wash your smoke fish and cray fish together, then set aside.

4. Give your locust beans a proper washing because of stones, and set aside.

5. Blend your Pepper based on how you prefer it to look ( smooth or not totally smooth)

6. Turn in your palm oil in pot or sauce pan and place on fire, add in your locust bean allow to fry for 1 min.

7. Turn your egusi in a bowl and add in a little water and diced onions, then you mould into a small ball then drop it into the palm oil on fire. Don’t stir until after    7-10mins.

8. Add your blended pepper and allow to steam for another 10mins.

9. Add in your stock fish, smoked fish, crayfish and kpomo, allow to steam for another 7-10mins.

10. Add in your salt, Maggi and vegetable, then allow to steam for 5 mins.

Now you’re ready to serve.

You can serve with eba, semo, pounded Yam or a swallow of your choice.

So ladies what do you plan on cooking this Christmas, don’t do the usual rice and chicken, try something different…

I’m considering baking, but it’s been ages and who is going to eat it all 😩. So haven’t made up my mind.

We’re going to be sharing a lot of fun recipes this season so keep coming back here.  😊

See you in a bit guys

😘😘😘😘 Kemi

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