Day 8: Memories…  

Hello everyone. Its day 8! Its been one week and a day guys… Whoop!! And it’s like 17 days till Christmas 😮💃💃💃

Who remembers how Christmas was growing up? Cooking in the kitchen with your mum, having everyone over, the house being very full. Being in the kitchen the whole day on Christmas day. (I don’t miss that one).

Today we have another guest writer. She’s  beautiful, creative and she’s co- CEO of writers Ink. She’s written scripts for movies that have won multinational awards.

She’s none other than Mrs Diche Enuwa.

I know y’all are screaming and waving your hands in the air right now. Lol. And just because I can,😆 and I’ll like you all to get to know her better. I’ll be sharing 6 things about her that you may or may not know.

1) She’s the only younger Sister of Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo.

2) She is a trained dental surgeon who practiced for 7 years, before she decided to fully commit to writing.

3) She’s a Jesus Junkie

4) Until the age of 16 she used to be known as Linda Chijide. Yes she changed her first and last name and no she’s not a fugitive 😅

5) She loves cakes!!!

6) She is a wife and mother of two handsome boys..

There you have it people! That’s Diche!

Oh and I forgot to mention! She’s on the Justusgirls Team! 😆😆 she comes up with crazy opener ideas for when women worship and just us girls conference. We call her “creatives” 😍😍😍

God has blessed us with amazing people 😢.

If you leave me eh, I’ll just go on and on but let’s get right into her post.


So I woke up monday morning feeling blue. Yeah I know that’s not what you were expecting to hear, seeing as its December and Christmas is around the corner and ‘tis the season to be jolly and bla bla bla but that’s the truth. I just felt physically and emotionally tired.

Now the funny thing is I wasn’t even sure why…Maybe it was because the excellence awards event of church for which I was a team leader was over and it felt like I was a junkie just off a high. All the adrenaline had fizzled out and had left in it’s a wake a cocktail of sad, tired and “I don’t care.”

Then Kemi calls me and says mama would like me to be a guest blogger this month and the first thing that came to my mind was “I am soooo not in that head space right now” but because I can’t say no to Pastor M I was like “yeah sure” (Not like Kemi would have taken no for an answer anyway). So after I hung up the phone I kept thinking what in heaven‘s name am I going to write about. Of course I was drawing blanks and so when it was time to pick the kids I got up, got dressed and got in my car.

As I drove off I remembered a dear friend and super DJ (DJ Fresh) had just gifted me a CD I had been searching for, for a very long time now. I got it out, popped it in and as I listened to it and sang along, I found that I began to smile, it just brought back so many good memories… I remembered where I was when I first listened to those songs, I remembered the people I was with, I remembered singing along with them, I remembered some of the jokes and the laughs, I remembered goofy times with my husband, I remembered… and then I started to laugh, yes alone in my car I started to laugh and suddenly all the grey skies were replaced by a big shiny sun. The more I remembered how happy I was then, the happier I got now.

And that got me thinking how important it is to have good memories. Every day you spend now will one day become time’s receipt, a memory. So this holiday deliberately make new memories…

Take yourself out, spend a weekend at a resort with your spouse, bake with the kids, open presents together, sit around the living room singing goofy Christmas songs, laugh, dance, LIVE… make every day count because in the long run it will. The question is will it count for good? When the day is spent and all you have is the receipt, the memory that the day once existed how would that memory leave you feeling?

As for me I’m much happier now and off to see a movie, I hope it’s good… I don’t want to have to add it to my “memories that suck” list. Lol.


Alright everyone make the Christmas of 2017 memorable. Do something fun! And we’ll like to know about it. So tag us on our social media pages @justusgirlsnaija or drop a comment here.

See you guys tomorrow

😘😘😘😘 Kemi

12 thoughts on “Day 8: Memories…  

  1. I love ❤ reading from you…
    This is so lovely and i will so enjoy Christmas
    Nice one
    For the records Diche was my counsellor, I loved her and hubby since then

  2. oh yeah good memories do cheer up the heart, i find myself laughing out loud in a public bus or in the shower when i suddenly recall some silly joke from my hubby or a friend or family member or some happy times …… hmmm and i sure do recall Christmas growing up menh those were ah…mazing and great memories all the cooking…foood, family ,new christmas clothes (oh there would literally be strike from me and my elder sisters if we hear say no new christmas dresses , shoes and underwear…i kid not!) the fun the laughter ….i pray am able to recreate those fun christmas memories for my kids.

    1. Lol.. Amen. I can’t definitely relate to laughing out loud in public when I recall some memories..

  3. This was really an enjoyable read…key take away – i will be deliberate about creating memories. I will not let memories happen to me…i will give great thought to the memories i intend to create.

  4. Awwww….thanks Diche ,off to creating Memories with people around me ,family and Friends, I just love Christmas.

  5. Yes oh! Memories are important! Aunty Diche, it’s that resort I want, what to do with the kids? Interested in…😜. But I shall sure be deliberate about making the memories.. thank you

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