Hey people

I’m sure by now you know we love December around here and trust me there are so many reasons why.

It’s not just because it’s Christmas and oh! How we love Christmas

Even though we have at least 23 days before it’s officially Christmas we still get to start making a fuss really early. You need to see all the planning that goes into December and Christmas. We have to constantly remind ourselves to be calm

So anyhow since we have a full month planned out for you which means we’re having quite a lot of guest writers

Every day a different flavor.

So you see why you need to be here every single day? It’ll even be easier if you just click the follow button that way you get email notifications so you never miss a post.

So today the weirdest thing happened to me. You see my Pk and I had been in Uyo for the last two days for this amazing relationship meeting hosted by our dear friend Pastor Ezekiel Atang and on our way back while sitting at the airport waiting to board a delayed flight (like do flights ever just move at the right time in Nigeria? Just curious) and as we sat there the Holy Spirit whispered to me “Ember …this Ember”

I thought he meant December until He repeated it and spelt the two word THIS EMBER. so I went to check the meaning and this is what I saw …

Sounds to me like hope for last minute miracles. The year represents dying fires… the year is almost over but this last month of December is a small piece of glowing coal that if you handle well will determine if the fire will still burn or if it will simply die.

There’s still some life left in this year people. If you just fan this Ember the flames will come back alive and the rest of the year will be lit (pun intended)

So how do you fan the embers into flames? With your mouth.

Just like you would a physical ember, you Fan the embers with your mouth. Speak into the remaining days of the year. Blow on the hope you have left. If you are still trusting God for anything yet to appear hold on to the little embers that appear. The things that have been done ….thank Him. For the things yet undone? Keep speaking. It takes consistency to get the fire going again.

No matter how late it looks still hold on. as far as you see an Ember there’s hope.

Do not give up on THIS EMBER it’s still gonna deliver if you don’t give up hope in December.

Love you

Pastor Mildred

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