Day 30: Are you ready?ย 

Hey Everyone! It’s day 30! We made it guys! Posting everyday, for 30 days whoop!! Whoop!!! Sending out kisses to all our guest writers, you guys have been Amazing!!!! Love you LOADS!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜<br o you guys think? More posts from our guest writers in 2018 yea? So it’s 2 days to 2018 guys… Are you ready?? Like my mama says, 2018 is not that kind … Continue reading Day 30: Are you ready?ย 

Day 29: It’s Time.ย 

Hey Everyone!  So the weekend is here!! And we are at the door of 2018..  You guys know how excited I get about Christmas yea! I’m like 100X more excited about 2018!!! ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ This is how I’m gonna be entering the year.  My 2018 is settled already!! We had a prayer meeting yesterday after our fast and oh my Godddd!! I’m so excited! And then … Continue reading Day 29: It’s Time.ย 

Day 28: A Gift for Christmasย 

Hey Everyone…  Hope you’re having a great holiday..  We brought back the prolific writer, Tope today ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ.. I’m sure most of you enjoyed her last story.. you’ll love this one too.  ***************************************** All was peaceful in Bidemi and Femiโ€™s world as they stayed in blissful slumber. Until the door opened unceremoniously and five kids of different ages burst into the room with childlike excitement and … Continue reading Day 28: A Gift for Christmasย 

Day 27: The God that defies Logic and Reasoningย  (Part 2)ย 

Hey Everyone!  It’s a beautiful morning.  Yesterday we had Hadassah share a mind boggling testimony with us.. click the link below if you missed it. and today she’s sharing Part 2 of the testimony..  You have to read the first one to understand part 2.  This testimony just leaves me speechless, God is Real people.. God is Real. As real as the air that … Continue reading Day 27: The God that defies Logic and Reasoningย  (Part 2)ย 

Day 26: The God that defies Logic and Reasoning.ย 

Hey Everyone.. Today is a perfect day to share a testimony! A miraculous testimony, as it’s the season of miracles. This God eh!!! He’s just amazing.. The year isn’t over guys! Miracles are happening all around you… just believe. This testimony will amaze you.. I’m so tempted to write an epistle but I’ll save it for another time.. Today’s testimony is by the beautiful, amazing, … Continue reading Day 26: The God that defies Logic and Reasoning.ย 

Day 24: What I Want For Christmas…

By now it’s not news that I love Christmas. It’s just such a beautiful season that makes us focus on family and friends and there’s so much sharing and caring. And of course lots of presents. Funny how Christmas is no longer about what I will get for Christmas but about what I will give. I think about the gifts my kids will get, what … Continue reading Day 24: What I Want For Christmas…

Day 23: The Perfect Giftย 

Hey Everyone! So because of how much we all loved her last post, I brought one of our guest writers back…. Guess who it is? The beautiful Diche! ***************************************** So like Pastor Mildred (and Kemi who is just bunkers about Christmas) I absolutely love Christmas. As far as I am concerned it is definitely the most wonderful time of the year #noargumentsplease. Maybe itโ€™s because … Continue reading Day 23: The Perfect Giftย