And God Danced…

Hey people

Let me confess I’ve been struggling so much with blogging. I have so many unfinished posts… God help me. I’ve been so focused on trying to sort out so many things before the year runs out. Ive ended up with such a full plate but to be honest as tasking as it all seems when I fall on my bed at night I’m exhausted but it’s all worth it.

So anyhow because it was all feeling just a tad bit too much, and I have a few more projects I have to conclude on before the year runs out I felt led to just take time out to pray and worship God everyday for the next five days with a few ladies. Now because it’s just some intimate time of fellowship with God I’m not making it virtual. So it’s not going on social media live. Sorry guys maybe next time but for this one

So today was day 1 and it started of with a simple instruction

Today’s focus was on praising and thanking God and recalling the blessings of God.

Do you see this?

The easiest way to remember things is to write it down. When we write things down it’s hard to forget.

So indulge me and the Holy Spirit.

Get a pretty jotter and find all the promises God gave you that He has fulfilled and write them out.

Take your time. Don’t worry as you worship and pray in tongues. He will remind you especially of the ones you’ve been taking for granted.

The reason I believe this is so important is this, if you can focus on all the promises of God that he has fulfilled and all the blessings he has freely given then you begin to comprehend the kind of God you serve.

You cannot worship if you cannot see. You need to “see” God to truly worship him. He’s moving silently daily in your life and if you can acknowledge that then that’s true worship. Remember we worship in spirit and TRUTH.

Don’t just randomly mutter cliche worship. Bless him for specific things. As you do your intimacy will increase and your worship will become more intense because you will realize more and more like psalm 124:1 that

If it had not been the LORD who was on our side— hmmmm…

Let’s just leave it there knowing this

And no matter how bad it gets you will survive this too.

Listing the blessings of God births praise and praise silences your enemies – the enemy

Psalm 8:2 makes it very clear.

Praise silences your enemy! God’s enemy is your enemy.

Maybe we should ask what is an enemy? Anything that hinders you from being all and achieving all that God has called you to.

Sickness and disease is your enemy. Poverty or lack is your enemy. Depression or procrastination is your enemy. That constant voice that challenges all your dreams and frustrates all your goals is an enemy.

And the response is praise.

This evening I had a revelation of what happened in Acts 16:16-40. Paul and Silas were in jail. Held down and bound. It was an “enemy” situation. The jail was a hindrance to doing their assignment. I mean they were locked up.

As they began to praise, I don’t know if God wanted to dance but I suspect so. As He moved,

the earth must have erupted into an earthquake and they were set free. See what praise can do? So praise today and see what happens when God decides to dance on your matter.

Isn’t that just amazing?

Praise! Praise!! Praise!!!

Praise your way out of that situation.

Recount the blessings of God in your life. Let praise rise from your heart through your lips. Be grateful. Don’t take the blessings for granted.

Sing. Dance. Rejoice. Celebrate our God. Revel in His love for you.

God bless you.


Pastor Mildred

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