#BibleSenseSeries: shine your light.

Today’s Bible sense pretty much needs no explanation. Your life should point people to Jesus. Live in a way that people will have no choice but to fall in love with Jesus.

Preaching the gospel is everyone’s responsibility.

“Oh! But I’m a stammerer. In fact I stutter so badly I couldn’t get more than a few words at a time.”

You know to be honest that’s really not a valid excuse because you see, we stammer with our lips not our lives. Even when we cannot say the words we can live them.

Evangelism is always scary because people wonder, “what will I say?” Well if we bothered less about what to say and more about how to live, the kingdom of God would be overpopulated by now.

I had one of those my Holy Spirit inspired moments this morning as I heard in my heart,

Evangelism is not about condescending to others or telling those in the dark how bright our torchlights are. It’s about telling them where we got our batteries – free!

The bottom line is this: Jesus must always shine through…..ALWAYS!

Good night ladies.

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