#BibleSenseSeries: The Key

Hey Ladies

Okay so of course you know it’s Wednesday and as usual Wednesdays are for wives.



So let’s get down to it straight away.

Our bible sense for day 4 and our instruction for today is one scripture that has been a guiding light in the last 12 years of my marriage. God gave me this scripture a few weeks before my wedding in response to my “Lord, I don’t have power for long story just tell me what will make this marriage work Biko.”


You see I’m one of those people that read manuals and instructions and forewords of books. My pk calls me weird but it’s my attention to manuals that saves us from wahala most times. So I asked for a simple instruction that was full proof and that was what I was reminded of today again.



Simple enough right? Well, not exactly… the amplified version breaks it down for us. You need to see this



I always wondered why God had to spell it out to us because he could have just put love each other there but he didn’t. My guess is that he wanted us to understand the different ways in which we interpret love.


You See, men have a tendency to be egotistical and lord it over others. They are created and trained to be kings so they may think the world revolves around them. So God says to them if you simply treat your wives the way you would treat yourself, you would be fine.


Women on the other hand translate love to mean nurture; the way a mother would care for a child. Sadly it can back fire because we can start to treat our husbands like babies and eventually fling respect out the window.



I still remember God telling me very clearly my role as a wife. Men have a greater need for respect than nurture. So if you will, like the Bible says, reverence him exceedingly, your marriage will be great because for a man that’s love.


However it’s a two way street but having said that, God expects that you do your part even when your husband isn’t doing his because disobedience is only avenged when your obedience is complete (2 Corinthians 10:6)


Today’s Bible sense darlings is simply this:


And remember when you say you love him, you’re pledging to respect him at all times. Even when you are really mad at him. That is the key to a great lasting marriage.


Okay bye ladies.

See you tomorrow

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