Happy Independence Day celebrations to all my Naija people.

Today has been a constant reminder of how grateful we should be for this great nation.

Seems every where I turn I hear this beautiful song by Timi Dakolo every single place I turn. I’ve even shed a tear or two because I know every line of that song is true. And to be honest Nigeria is all we have. No matter how much you travel it can never be home. NEVER!!!

This October though God has named my instruction month. I have no idea what that means in totality except that this month I will get some specific scriptures that will be an amazing guide for my life. I hope to share some of them if not all with you.

I’m not promising any long elaborate posts but I will share as many as I can with you if the Lord permits.

I hope they will bless you and change your life as you adjust or obey accordingly. So here’s today’s instruction. What I call Bible sense.


Today’s rule for christian living is this: Live for God 100%. Understand that there is no part of your life that should be kept from God. It’s all important to him; waking, sleeping, eating, walking around or going to work. Even your job offer it all up to God.

Basically live with a God consciousness

Until tomorrow, live SOLD OUT … withholding nothing.

Love you.

5 thoughts on “#BibleSenseSeries: Live Sold Out

  1. Wow. Am jogging in a field. I see 4 fierce secondary school boys smoking igbo here. .. Lemme preach… wow… I place my quiet alone time before you LORD….

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