#BibleSenseSeries: shine your light.

Today’s Bible sense pretty much needs no explanation. Your life should point people to Jesus. Live in a way that people will have no choice but to fall in love with Jesus. Preaching the gospel is everyone’s responsibility. “Oh! But I’m a stammerer. In fact I stutter so badly I couldn’t get more than a few words at a time.” You know to be honest … Continue reading #BibleSenseSeries: shine your light.

#BibleSenseSeries: Pay Attention

Hey people So I woke up to Romans 13 this morning and I’m sure you can guess from yesterday and today’s post that that’s where I’ve been sitting for now let’s see where we go tomorrow. 😁 So I started out thinking God was talking to me about being a good citizen and I was like how apt considering yesterday was our Independence Day celebration. … Continue reading #BibleSenseSeries: Pay Attention