Hey Soldiers!!

This is your commanding officer speaking! “Today you are not women, you are soldiers of Christ..

so when I address you your response would be Sir, Yes Sir!!”

I’m sure some of you got it!

So it’s been One week since Worship, Warship and Wordship and I can’t get over it, the whole event is still playing in my head, I can still hear the women screaming “Sir, Yes Sir!” Their Loud voices shaking the very foundations of the earth as they all called forth all that is theirs.. Saturday was beyond Amazing!!

So because I’m such a sweetheart..

I’ll do a quick recap for you, and trust me you’ll feel like you were there and you’ll understand why I’m raving about it..

So the day started with ladies outside doing their check-ins getting their wristbands, (which is so beautiful by the way! 😍😱, still don’t know how you could not have been there oh!)

confirming their teams (We had three teams, Pink, Teal and Lavender), registering and getting their Teeshirts.

It was such an exciting atmosphere, with props to take pictures outside. Those on the pink team had a Teeshirt saying “Here to Worship”, Teal “Here for War” and then Lavender “Here for the word” (Still don’t know how you could have missed this oh! Cos you really Missed 😜) Ok don’t feel bad … at least not yet. let me finish the gist.

We also got to pick promises at the door..

Oh my goodness! This I really always look forward to, because it’s just like God specially prepares, sets asides and picks a word just for me! And then.. Shhhh..

Don’t tell anyone!!

He always keeps his promises and they always come to pass!!!

Whoop!! This just makes me want to break out into dance

Then a couple of minutes later, the doors opened. And everyone made their way in, the entire hall was shared into three teams, with colored chair covers and beautiful sashes.. The Dj was jamming while everyone looked for a seat.. The atmosphere was exciting especially because you couldn’t tell what would come next.

Then just when the ladies settled in, lights went off… everywhere was quiet, if you looked closely you could see a bit of fog on the stage, then suddenly the lights on the stage come on.. and a group of men and ladies just stood there..

I wish I could show you, or explain to you what happened next but it was electrifying!! Amazing and just beyond anything words can describe.. I’m not even going to try to describe it to you, ’cause I’m sure I won’t do it justice.. but Rock Extreme (The Dance Dept of DCC) delivered such an amazing opener! A blend of worship, war and the word.. At the end they left us all screaming and excited!

Then the lights went off. And this video came up..


] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ]

And the beautiful Ameze went up the stage..

then the teams got to compete in some fun games, like complete the lyrics and  Scripture drill (some of us know it as draw your sword) and the winners got prizes.. and their teams rooting for them.. it was so much fun! And Ameze kept us rolling on the floor laughing!

After the games we watched an interview of Efe Nathan,

this was a session no one saw coming.. a very personal revealing part of her life, tears flowed down freely all over the auditorium.. Then we took a quick snack /bathroom Break… we had a drink and pigs in a blanket (Tanta roll, I bet you didn’t know it was also called that 😜).

After the break we entered into a moment of worship! It was such a heaven on earth moment, like you could literally feel Gods presence it was just amazing!!

Then we entered into the war session! We prayed, declared and exercised our authority in Christ. We understood our identity as women of God and laid claim to everything that is ours.


] ] ]

Afterwards DDK delivered the word so powerfully!

Then PC brought the house down! Was such a powerful ministration.

Then the beautiful Kosie delivered such a beautiful spoken word about God’s word..

And to wrap it all up! We had our mama, Pst M deliver God’s word in such a mighty way, was the perfect end to a day of fun, worship and warfare..

See why you shouldn’t have missed it, see how much fun we had! I couldn’t even get into every tiny detail about the event, was that packed.. But don’t feel bad ladies, next year we are going to be 10yrs!!

Did I hear someone scream!! Yup.. So get ready ladies, and God gave us a theme a year early, so just imagine how next years conference is going to be.

Get ready ladies for Just Us Girls Conference 2018.


It’s going to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced, so ladies tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know.. Next year we’re going all out!!

See you soon ladies!

Loads of love,

Kemi! 😘😘

8 thoughts on “Warriors!! 

  1. Sir, Yes Sir!
    JUGN WW&W 2017 Was amazing and life igniting for me! Am so focused for 2018 Overflow already. Thank you PM and the ever amazing Team that have got her back solidly. we love you scarra!


  2. Hehehehe. Dear Father, i only attended one of the conferences(Imela) when i still lived in Festac and i got an amazing testimony.

    Dear Lord, please make it totally impossible for me to miss JUGN 2018 in Jesus name.

    Liked by 1 person

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