#JUGN Conference 2017


Please DO NOT miss this. It’s going to be a life changing experience. I’m so excited. Just 3 days to go.



Have you registered? It’s free.


Register here for JUGN Conference


Hurry and Register now. Pick a Team and buy a t-shirt.



It’s not compulsory but a little birdie told me there’s something special for those who wear the teeshirts for that day.



Any how whether or not there’s a gift just come out in your teeshirt you will look nice. Remember how good we looked at When Women Worship 2017?



Oh! By the way it will be a really good idea to come early. Seats usually fill up really fast.



Okay ladies had to just stop by to drop this info for you.


Can’t wait to see you there and oh! Please say hello ok?


Let’s talk later.


Love you.

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