My September…

Hey people



It’s been just 6 days into September and I already have too much to be grateful for. Yes I know September is usually good for me



but this one is just sending me all the right vibes. Like the ninth month that it is, it’s delivering all the amazing blessings it should.



It’s been testimony after testimony of God’s goodness.


So September started and on day 1



with us celebrating 21 years as a ministry.


God has truly been faithful to us as we’ve never had a better last year.


Then of course September 3


My wedding anniversary and our celebration service for DCC at 21 and my pastor Rev Femi Albert Oduwole was in the house.



So much love from all of you and I really appreciate it. We appreciate it. In fact we appreciate you.



Okay so today’s focus is chayil Haven you know it’s a Wednesday and I’m here for you wives.



Today I’m sharing Three of my secret weapons in marriage. Ready?



These 3 things have been vital to a happy marriage in these past 12 years. Every challenge, situation or joyous moment has been molded by these three things



No matter what I have had to face in marriage or what emotions I have had to deal with, worship has always been my go-to. Once I can lift God higher than what ever it is I’m seeing or how I’m feeling then it usually all feels better in a bit. One of my greatest temptations used to be anger. Worship completely soothes that away and the consciousness that my marriage is my worship to God makes me insist on doing things God’s way.



How can you even do marriage without prayer? Upset? Pray. Confused? Pray. Tempted? Pray. Happy? Pray. Broke? Pray. Your husband not listening? Pray. He’s loving you too much you just want to bless him? Pray. Overwhelmed? Pray. Parenting stress? Pray. Like I said before how can you even do marriage without talking to God and God talking back to you.



Every single moment in my marriage has been guided by the Word of God. I’ve learnt that the source of a thing is its sustenance so the fact that my marriage was built on the word means the word will sustain it. What other option do I have? I do everything based on what the Word says. I know there are other principles people come up with but like my Vida would say in her tiny voice, “but I don’t need them” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I guarantee you that if you put these 3 things together your marriage and your life would turn out simply amazing.


Okay so anyone ready for some good news?


Okay so here goes…



It’s that time of the year again. It’s time for Just Us Girls Naija Conference 2017. Yay!!!!



And the theme is….


Wait for it….



Let me just leave that here for now. More details soon.


The event is free but we would love you to register. Because there’s limited seating and we plan for a lot of freebies it would help us plan properly. So here’s the link register Here.


Okay people I need to run. Will back tomorrow with some gist on what to expect.


Love you.




12 thoughts on “My September…

  1. Congrats on the 21 years in minstry, its not a small achievement. It can only be God. I pray for more grace for you and pastor K to keep being the beacon of hope that you have always been for many of us.
    More grace.

  2. Happy Anniversary ma, you both have truly been a blessing to me… Just a little observation ma, on the Event brite page the time written there is 4:30pm while you wrote 10am here on the blog

  3. Congrats Mama more grace, more favor, renewed mantle, many more years of celebrations to come both as a church and as a couple. God bless you both richly.

  4. Indeed God is absolutely faithful Mama. DCC is 21. Yay! Praise God! Congratulations Mama. A hearty congratulations to sweet Eky. And congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Thank you for your teachings that continues to change lives, showing the world that we can indeed have it all.
    I celebrate you Mama.
    Beautiful September.

  5. Happy anniversary pastor mildred. First time commenting here woo woo!!! thanks for this write up what I need in this time. Question: is it wrong for a wife to need her husband like in certain situation or in little things like picking me up from work and all. when I need him to do things and he doesn’t that makes me upset and then I dont talk to him for a day. Need an advice

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