#August30series: Good News

Yesterday was such a good day for me. I’m not asleep yet so I decided to do this quickly before going to bed… very full and exciting day for me later today.

I’m up in a few hours to get ready for church. It will be three amazing services- 2 on the mainland and 1 at our Island centre. Pk will be preaching so you know it’s gonna be goooooooood. 😁

Then off to bury fear at Laju Iren’s Dauntless conference

And launch of her amazing book Selfies With Bible Girls. My Lord, this is one book that you will not forget in a hurry.

I’m going to be speaking so please come out and say hi to me after.

I’m so honored to be a part of her story. Laju is one to look out for. I guarantee she will be a name you will hear often in the future.

Happy birthday love. May all your dreams come true.

Then it’s back to church for me to be at TRI (our Choir) worship concert MAGNIFY.

Hopefully I will make it home before midnight.

As I lay here willing sleep to come, I can’t help but think how good God is…..

Too much good news in one day. Honestly it’s been one thing after the other. I woke up to testimony after testimony. Dream job. Government approval for a project that usually would take ages. Then my dear friend music minister Gbolahan sends me a message this morning after nine years God blessed them with a beautiful baby girl

Mother and baby are fine. I’m so grateful that we serve such a good God. Such a good good father.

I’m so truly grateful for this blessing. God is in the neighborhood. Another reason I love people sharing testimonies with me.

Let me give you another reason I say Godis in the neighborhood. All the single ladies this one’s for you. Where you at?

Okay so if you know me or been following my blog for a while then you know ekamma

aka eky

aka Aunty mama

aka assistant mummy

aka ada daddy

Aka angel. Lol! I’m still searching for her wings though. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Well, it’s good news time. My eky is getting married. Yay!!!!

So finally I got to surprise her


Yes she got engaged recently

And to show you how sweet she is. We had to keep her bridal shower on the down low and yet see how many ladies showed up because she just so worth it

Yes cos Eky’s an angel we couldn’t resist doing this

Im so glad we got to make her smile even though we couldn’t make her cry

I’m so happy for you sweetie and my God will definitely reward you. I’m coming back to do a proper post before her wedding which is next weekend.

But till then just know that I love you darling and I’m so glad God sent you to our lives.

I will Be back with pictures of her and her boo but until then good night let me see if I can have a few hours sleep.

Love you

12 thoughts on “#August30series: Good News

  1. Congrats to Gbolahan’s. I so love his rendition of
    “we re lo ba mi se” and God has done it “we re” for his children. Congrats Eky. I am always so amazed at her selfless dedication to yours, like it were hers, like her life depended on the happiness of yours. a rare trait in todays breed of human beings.

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  2. The Lord be praised! Good news everywhere. Awesome God! So happy for Eky. She deserves it all. Congratulations to Gbolahan and his wife on the arrival of their bundle of joy. Faithful is His name.
    Indeed God is in the neighborhood…..
    Thank you Mama.


  3. I am youth Corper currently posted to Lagos State. And then i located DCC and has been attending even though i was still using style to search for another church to serve and belong to. After hearing you yesterday i think my mind is made up. A friend invited me for dauntless and that was the first time i heard you speak.
    Dear Pastor Mildred, i havent gotten over it. I was going to make a whole post but i still havent gotten over your ministeration and Dauntless in General. Wow.
    Thank you So much Pastor.
    Your Last line “Recieveing a word from God, that is what makes you Dauntless”. Like!!..
    Infact. I”m coming

    Liked by 1 person

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