#August30series: FriYay!!!

Today is such a good day! Did I say good day? Scratch that I meant Great day!!! Today is just a celebratory post no great revelation except to take an active part in the joys of others. So today is just me putting up a picture that’s special to me. Majorly particularly because I want to remember today for as long as I can. He’s my person. I’ve teased him forever about today. Harassed actually. Teasing would be putting it rather mildly. I’ve been strongly on his case and every year he would say “not this year” in fact when I would say “Not this year?! Then when? Give me date” He would ask “Abi e go better if I say I no wan marry at all?” Of course by that time I would back down. But now I know He was waiting for the right time… the right person. And I’m thankful he found her and decided to keep her in his life forever. So today I spent my Friday evening celebrating with these lovely people Uche (the apostle) aka the bishop and lady Sharon I pray that you enter into deeper levels of friendship experience higher heights of intimacy. Your love for God and each other be stronger and you have as many beautiful children as you want. God keep you and keep away any one that can try to keep you apart. Money, love And the right people will surround you daily in Jesus name.


God bless you darlings. I’m glad I got to share this day with you. Okay people see I told you today’s post was for me 😂😂😂😂Come back tomorrow I’ve got some major info for you. Love you.

5 thoughts on “#August30series: FriYay!!!

  1. Thank you so so very much Mama and Amen!!!! to all the prayers.

    People, I can’t start telling how much of a blessing Pastor M and Pastor K have been to me and how deep our relationship runs. I can sha tell you that, of the 4 major things you will require to make a great wedding reception, Pastor M completely covered two for us. She wouldn’t even stop there, she kept asking if anything else was left. I was the one running away from telling her what things were left.
    Thank you so very much again Ma. You’re just so amazing.

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