#August30series: Twos and Eights

Yay!!! It’s one of my two special days in August

Everyone who knows me or even knows about me probably knows by now why August 22 is so special to me. Yep! You guessed right it’s because of these two amazing miracles God sent to me.

So I’m glad today is thankful Tuesday because I definitely have a reason to thank God and to be honest I will eternally be grateful for these two miracles. Proof that my God is real, that he is faithful and my God, my Jesus loves me and sees me.

When I thought about what to call this post I went through a lot of titles in my head but one thing has been recurring in my head – two numbers : TWO and EIGHT.

I’ve never really been big in numbers till I started listening to my pastor Rev Femi Albert Oduwole preach

He would rattle off numbers and their meanings. Some numbers would stand out to me. Number 5 grace. Number 7 perfection and Number 8 new beginnings. But to be honest I didn’t always think much of it. But today as I reflect on these blessings of God in my life two numbers stand out 2 and 8 especially the number two and that guided the title for a today.

So today I’m thankful that after 7 years of “perfection” in standing in faith for my babies, the Lord blessed me in the eighth year with my precious gift Davida.

Then two years later my miracle David.

I still remember how I had to keep confessing that I was having a boy. I already had 2 girls and I wanted something more than pink frills and ribbons. My husband would tease me over and over again “hmmm…. this one you are buying boy things without scan. I hope you won’t have a girl and be dressing her like a boy.” I would roll my eyes at him and pour out all the scriptures I was standing on to have a boy. And of course God honored my faith.

So after he was born this amazing child photographer @red19photography offers to take his picture at 2 months and she does an amazing job then it occurs to me that on the 22nd he would turn 2 how about getting her back to recreate those same pictures a 2nd time. See all the 2s? 😁

Anyway this is what we got up to

Totally love them. She’s amazing……

Then the angel under London bridge 😁

King David

Super baby becomes super David

Gotten from the word

Now He’s reading the word 😁

And lifting a banner for the word

This is what our God does. He gives double for our trouble.

Or triple

I’m just here to say thank you Lord and to encourage you to hold on. God is faithful.

Love you

Here’s an angel to watch over you

Thank you for all the love and birthday wishes.

17 thoughts on “#August30series: Twos and Eights

  1. I get very teary each time I read posts about your miracles!They are just too cute to behold!!!!Nobody speaks when God hasn’t…All Glory to Him

  2. Happy belated birthday darlings.A gentle reminder of God’s Faithfulness.May their feets be planted in His court now and ever IJN.

  3. The testimony that always gives me goose bump over and over again. God bless you cuties. I concur with you Reenicebay, indeed only miracles can be this cute. Happy birthday once again.

  4. beta pikin sweet for body..oh beta “kids” cos these ones are not pikins….. anything that takes up to 8 years to manufacture cannot be counterfeit. they look like their skin was made from butter or whipped cream or clouds. No doubt about Gods perfection.

  5. my mama, your namesake. I know God is faithful and he loves me. What i dont know is of he will ever give me my own husband even if i may have made a mistake.

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