#August30series: Ain’t God good?!i

My days are all jumbled up and I blame it on jet lag. I want to sleep when I should be awake and then when I should be asleep I battle with insomnia but following the calendar it’s day 21



Today is always a special day for me. It’s a “we were like them that dreamed” day. Just sitting here I am reminded of how faithful my God is. How kind my Jesus is. How utterly merciful and all round unbelievably amazing this God that I serve is. Now, ain’t God good?



Four years ago the reality of God’s promise to me was so close. I was in labour even though it was progressing slowly as I was induced long before my due date but all I knew was it was soon becoming a reality. The word of God was becoming flesh. In a few hours I would give Satan my final ntoi



Yes I looked forward to being a mother but more importantly I couldn’t wait to hold my baby in my arms because this was my proof that if the word could do this then there was absolutely nothing the Word of God could not do. Nothing it could not change. It was the re-affirmation that God’s word cannot fail; that God is not a man and therefore cannot and will not lie. Once He says it he must do it.



Two years later God decides it wasn’t enough to do it once but twice. I’m not sure why He felt it necessary to bless me twice on the same day different years but he did it again and it was marvelous in our eyes.



Till today I cannot understand let alone explain this love of God all I know is that I’m so grateful for this love.


Today I stayed in doors most of the day and I found myself staring at these two miracles. I know Vida is turning a big 4 and David a whopping 2 but I kept seeing the nurses putting them in my arms as I was rolled out of the delivery room. I still remember holding on to God’s word every single step of the way. I had only that anyway. God’s Word and it proved to be more than enough.


I believe the Word of God! I believe it over any doctor’s report and I’ve had quite a few in my life time. God’s word is true. Absolutely true. And it works all the time.


Twenty years ago doctors told me I may never be able to have children and even if I did it would not be natural. Today God has shown me that I can have not just one but as many as I wanted …..and I wanted three. After all one child cannot surround a table


God has shown me that He is a good God who loves to give gifts and He rewards all who serve him.



I have seen him keep his word in the face of every contrary evidence. He promised me that not only would I be pregnant but I would not have miscarriages or morning sickness and I would deliver my babies full term and be alive to care for them after and he did it.



God did every single thing he promised. And even though he had told me there were only two in my womb he knew I wanted three so he granted me the desire of my heart.




Oh! God is too good. Waaaaaay too good. That is why I will keep preaching about my Jesus and what He does through His word.



I pray you take the time to search the scriptures.


You will see your life and God’s plan for it clearer.


I’m back tomorrow to show you pictures of what God can do if only you will believe. I’m definitely the one coming back tomorrow to say thank you.


Thank God it’s a thankful Tuesday.


Love you

4 thoughts on “#August30series: Ain’t God good?!i

  1. This is just what I needed. God sees to it that his word comes to pass. All his promises come to pass. Thank you for the reminder mama,thank God for our miracle hyper David and posh Vida.

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  2. Am amazed at this.you motivate me to trust God even more.i am a definition of Ephesians 6 vs 10,i am aware of God’s might but not very strong in believing his mighty power but your testimony is a sure reminder that his mighty power is at work.That is really a case of God’s word becoming flesh.Thank you so much pastor Mildred.I am expecting same miracle and i know that the God that answered you will do the same for me.God will bless you and your entire household.

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