#August30series: Lighten Up

Okay so I’m sure you know it’s wifey Wednesday and I’m here for you ladies. Settle in let’s talk my darlings.

I asked my husband recently what advice he would give wives – knowing all he knows now and after Counseling so many couples. I expected him to say something like pray for your husband or respect your husband. You know stuff we always seem to hear. What he said next I wasn’t expecting in a million years to be honest. It was simply two words : LIGHTEN UP!

I mean really?! Are you serious? Is that what you are going to tell me? No deep revelatory advice?

He smiled and answered me again.

“No! No deeper revelation than LIGHTEN UP!

I got the message sha 😂😂😂😂

I actually started thinking that maybe the reason we miss many great moments of revelation is perhaps we expected it to be more complicated. How can lighten up be greatest relationship advice? This my pk sha

I followed him into the room to get to the bottom of this. See what o have to go through to help you ladies out? 😂😂😂

So anyhow this is the revelation behind this simple but profound advice.

He said

  • Too many women are too uptight and men are fun creatures and gravitate towards anything that gives them pleasure.

  • A lot of wives act like their husbands are work. I know you see your role as wife as an assignment but no one wants to be treated like work. Stop reminding him that you are his helper. Stop trying to “deliver” on your “job” and enjoy being your husband’s wife.

  • Have fun and enjoy doing fun things with your spouse and by yourself. Do fun things especially for your self and by yourself. It will make you less of a nag and more encouraging of his own personal moments of enjoyment

  • Get a hobby -do something you really enjoy.

  • Laugh – lord knows you need it. Laugh at yourself, at situations, at the enemy and more importantly laugh with your husband. Find joyful and happy moments together.

  • Stop nagging and complaining about every little thing he does. No man will stick around for that

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Somethings you just need to let it go. Remember forgiveness is a key ingredient for having a great marriage.

  • Enjoy your marriage. – plan enjoyment into your marriage. Do fun things. Plan fun things. Date nights. Travel. And the kids off. Talk and not about bills, kids or work.

Wow!!! Ok so it seems lighten up is actually very loaded advice 🙈🙈

Okay ladies

Take care and please don’t just enjoy your marriage … do much more than that.


8 thoughts on “#August30series: Lighten Up

  1. Wow! thank you mama for today’s word. It was just what i needed to get out of my gloomy mood. I was truly upset with hubby this morning because he made me late for work again only to open the blog this morning to see this starring right at me and speaking directly to me. God bless you real good mama.


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