#Augustseries30: human

Hey people

I'm here!!!

So I slipped under the radar yesterday which means I didn't or should I say couldn't blog.

I really wanted to but in some funny way it looks like my day wasn't a full 24 hours. I honestly had it all planned out.

Started out really early and on schedule. By 7.30am I was checked out of my hotel and in a bus headed towards willow creek community church

for the final day of #GLS17

with luggage in tow as I was heading back to Houston right after the conference.

What a day it was though felt like drinking water from a fire hydrant

Was such a full day. Many many high points but was still too full – 8 speakers on that final day not to mention music breaks and all.

Men!!! I was beat and by the last session I wasn't hearing anything anymore. Pk logged out much earlier than that 😂😂

So that ended and we practically ran out of the place to catch a bus to the car park then off to the airport. After quite a long delay and no free wifi 🙄🙄 why so stingy Chicago? We boarded and arrived Houston at 11.15pm. By this time my entire body was shaking from stress, information overload, lack of sleep and hunger (allthese stingy American Airlines God will judge) by the time we got back to the hotel and settled in it was midnight

Then surprise surprise we had a 7.30am flight booked to Canada to meet and fellowship with all our DCC Canada family. Honestly by this time, I totally shut down – body soul and spirit. I knew no blog was coming out of me. At least not last night.

So I did what any sane human would do. I hit the sheets. Yes! I knew I was going to wake up in about 4 hours but it didn't matter at the time. I knew I needed to shut it down.

And therein lies the lesson…

Yes. You are human. Very. So if you don't treat your human body well you will soon lose your "humanness" or your "humanity".

You need to constantly be reminded that you are not God and you cannot meet all needs. Even when your intentions are good sometimes your body will just refuse to follow.

Sometimes we are reminded of why God is God! Yesterday was one of them. And to think that even God rested.

I was reminded of this saying:

If you think you are the ElShaddai you shall die.

Oh! I truly felt human yesterday. I'm definitely no superwoman.

I am just a woman who has a super God and I'm thankful that he graces me for my life.

So when or if you ever feel overwhelmed do these two things
1. Rest
2. Go back to God for more grace.

Nothing will go wrong if you rest and if it does when you are rested, and back………. fix it!

I've always believed this:
Save the man and save the ministry.

Rest for the journey ahead ladies 'cause the journey is great ahead.

If only I knew the journey I had ahead today. Got to the airport and boarded Air Canada which by the way is the most disorganized airline I've ever been on. Jesus!!! Story for another day.

After all the drama today I get to Canada and my bag didn't come.

So yes I'm in Canada and no bag for my kids. Which means no clothes, toiletries, underwear, pull-ups, food, etc and I couldn't even wait to sort it out cos we were already running late for our meeting with DCC family here.

I just walked away

Survived the day. Tomorrow is another day.

But Satan is not stealing my joy.

Will tell you how tomorrow goes.
Hopefully I can do a double post so I cover up for the lost day.
Love you guys.

18 thoughts on “#Augustseries30: human

  1. Aww sorry about all that stress.
    Hope you are feeling better now
    Try and get some good rest when you get the chance
    I live that elshaddailine.it definetely hit home.lool
    Take care.x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. God is your strength Mama, although you need to rest but you’re still my Superwoman💪☺️☺️.. the things you do are aready SUPER.. God bless you Ma

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oh just come back home mam. Just come back. we will be waiting for you at the airport, with plenty smiles, big hugs and fresh soft bread. just give us date and time……

    Liked by 2 people

      1. heheheheheh, after all the stress am sure Coach E can ” Eyes right” just this once…. miss and love you ma


  4. God is ur strength Mama. I wonder her how you do it always? a mother to all who has time for us all n so much more. You are my Superwoman😍. miss you, miss you, miss you Mama


  5. cant stop laughing at the logging out of the session…..stingy Chicago…no blog coming out of me today…..lol. I once did about 8 flights n many stops within and around the US in 15 days…no conference..no kids in tow oo. I tot I loved flying but jet lag was an understatement….I became jet lagged and jet depressed, I didn’t even want to sight onoda boarding pass. one week down the line i haven’t recovered.Mama, you try.


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