#August30series: Be Brave

Hello mummy

Today is day 10

and it's been such a full day for me. I'm currently in Chicago for #GLS17 at Willow Creek community church. Oh! What a day it's been! Such amazing speakers

Bill Hybels

Sheryl Sandberg

Marcus Lemoni

Frederik Haren

Michael jr

And of course Andy Stanley whom I totally love. I've laughed, I've cried, I've been challenged, educated, inspired and wowed all in one day and to think the day started out goofy

Trust my pk to photobomb 😂😂😂

One thing that kept ringing through all that was said at least to me, was this ….

You are not going to get anything without making a choice to be brave. I still remember when I made the choice to settle down in the word and believe God for my babies after I had confirmed God didn't want me to go the medical route and as I have said a million times you must know your journey and the path you must take. Mine was to completely surrender in total dependence on God

I still remember how scared I was. What if it doesn't work? Everyone said just go to the hospital. It's a medical issue not a spiritual one. Don't drag this any longer than it should be. I felt so alone and scared but on the journey to motherhood sometimes you will feel very alone

I have only one simple advice for you my darling

There's simply no getting around it. No matter how scared you feel whether you are getting another IVF done or another corrective surgery or you are preparing for adoption or you are simply standing on God's word and confessing it daily one thing remains sure you must be brave

I wish I could say this whole thing would not be scary but that would be a lie. Faith can be scary and some of the crazy faith steps God will have you take will scare you silly but do it you must

You've got to face infertility with all the courage you can muster

Knowing you will beat this. You will be s happy mother of children

No need to panic. God's got you

Remember God's word is the antidote to fear. Speak it, read it, study it, pray it and have confidence that it will work for you.

And God never expects you to go this alone. He's with you always so get rid of fear and keep believing.

So don't let fear rub you of your life and your babies

Just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean it won't.

Good night honey
Your testimony is sure
Rest in that
Love you

7 thoughts on “#August30series: Be Brave

  1. How crazy that I wrote about YOU MAKE ME BRAVE yesterday too
    We gotta get our BRAVE on even when we are sinking and all alone.

    Thank you mama
    God knows how i look forward to coming here daily. Just continue till year end na…


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