#August30series: I like him

Hey wifey

It's day 9 and it's Wednesday. Know what that means?

Yep! It's time for a bit of girl time for wives. It's time for us to kick off our heels and settle into our Chayil Haven.

I had a moment today. I was sitting in a shuttle bus after a 3 hour flight into Chicago and as we made our way down to the hotel it just hit me….. I like my husband.

I giggled and because he was sitting beside me he asked me "what did you just think about? What's tickling you?" I didn't answer immediately because i thought it would sound weird to explain what just went through my head but it made me really think. And it occurred to me that one of the reasons I'm very happy in marriage is because I actually like the man I'm married to.

If I wasn't romantically involved with him he would still be my friend. We get along. We get each other and in the beginning it wasn't a butterflies in my tummy kind of relationship. It was a he gets me kind of thing and it still is.

Trust me, I totally know the difference. I've had my share of relationships and "kissing frogs" and I can tell you the difference is, once I wasn't romantically linked with these guys I had nothing in common with them. I didn't really like them.

And I think this may be the problem with a lot of marriages. The way you fight your husband and speak about him when angry makes me wonder do you even like the guy? You need to like the person you marry because one day the honeymoon would be over, the butterflies will flutter away, your heart will stop skipping a beat every time he walks by and will start beating at a steady rhythm, you will no longer have stars in your eyes instead your pupils will be clear and life will begin. It's important that you have something more that than these fleeting emotions.

Notice I didn't say anything about love. I love my husband – it's a decision to be patient with him, kind to him, not easily offended by him, and so on

That's the part the Holy Spirit helps you with if you yield but liking him is a different thing entirely. Liking him makes loving him a breeze.

I guess what I'm trying to say is Make sure you stay friends because I think it's easier to handle a persons weaknesses when you like them and nothing makes weaknesses more visible than the proximity you encounter in marriage.

Think about it. Is there someone you really like? Isn't it easier to make excuses for their short comings? Isn't it easier to accept their flaws and weaknesses? Isn't it easier to do nice things for them? Don't you always want to hang out with them? It's not even about just obeying God by walking in love it's finding pleasure in being with the person. People generally gravitate towards what or who they like.

All this plenty preaching of be your husband's friend would be easier if half of us focused more on liking our husbands.

I like my husband and I love him too. I love that I like him and I like that we are friends. It makes loving him easy too. I pray you get this because it will make your marriage so much easier.

God bless you dear
I'm off to bed. Busy day tomorrow. Maybe I will have power to gist you.

Love you
Thank you for always stopping by

4 thoughts on “#August30series: I like him

  1. Love you too…and nice post. Not married but I look out for the friendship as well not just love cos it makes the flow easier and smooth no matter what.

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