#August30series: Between Sundays

Hey people

Did you make it to church today?

I’m writing this on my way to church. I probably won’t get to post this till much later when I get back to the hotel but it’s quite a drive to church I might as well make the most of it by doing something productive.

So as we drive down it seems I’ve had a full service just sitting in this bus. Gospel music blasting on almost every station, heard a few sermons and if I wasn’t already born again a few invitations have been made on this journey that I would have accepted in a flash.

One thought has been running through my head as I sit here- Being a christian is easy on Sundays.

I really think everything co-operates with you on Sunday and if you attend a good church like DCC (yep! You know I had to put that in there somewhere. 😁) then you would have given God great praise, intense worship, heard a really good sermon and either given or received loving fellowship with other believers while serving in a unit. So from all indications it’s been a good Sunday. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s what really impresses God. I believe it’s what we do when everything is working against your being a Christian that matters to Him.

Sundays are easy wait till you get up on Monday.

It’s as if all of hell unleashes on you as vengeance for all you did in church on Sunday.

So Typical Monday morning you wake up late so first temptation would be to pray or not to pray.

Then you somehow cannot for the life of you, find your phone

and of course that means you cannot leave the house. you are going nowhere without your phone and even if you could somehow survive without it what would you use to get an über?

Finally extremely late now you find it

and get a taxi all in one sweep then traffic from hell descends on you.

You eventually make it to work and it seems like everyone at work is out to get you.

Your immediate boss wants you to cut corners so you both can make some money on the side. It’s nothing outrightly illegal but it’s still not something you would be happy to tell Jesus about if and when you do get to talk to Him later that day.

The rest of the week isn’t any better and by Friday you’ve been through unbelieving ex-boyfriends hounding you to temptation to spend your tithe for that really important bill you need to pay. By Saturday you’ve been through every temptation possible – pride, lust, greed, gluttony, laziness, malice, anger…. just name it.

Being able to overcome these things is the real test. It’s never what you do on Sunday that’s the proof of your Christianity. It’s how you live Monday to Saturday. How you speak, act and think; that’s the real deal.

It’s what you do between Sundays that really matters.

Every day I ask myself was I good representation of Christ? Did I think, act or speak in a way that people see him? I think it’s in the little things.

Jesus said love will be how people will know that I’m a Christian.

So the real question is what’s my love walk like not on Sundays only after all I’m a pastor how else could I possibly be on Sunday? Even if I don’t want to be Christlike I can’t afford not to be on Sundays – it’s my job.

It’s like being a customer service rep at your office and you say you won’t smile or be polite because you had a bad day …. very funny. You want to be fired? It’s the same thing for me. The true test of my being a christian and a pastor is how I treat people especially those not in my church all week long.

I try to be conscious of this always. Its how we live all week long that really matters. Sundays are easy …. it’s the life we live between Sundays that’s the hard part

But Jesus makes it easy doesn’t he?

He never leaves us on our own. He always always helps us through it.

Okay guys gotta run.

I just had a “between Sundays” moment and it’s not even Monday yet. I may tell you about it later when I’ve processed it all.

God bless you and have an amazing week full of little miracles that will cascade into large ones and make living between Sundays easy.

Love you.

Be back tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “#August30series: Between Sundays

  1. Amen to cascading little miracles. Let’s just say I had one of those Monday morning moments. Didn’t make it to work and no, I can’t even put the blame on a missing phone! Thank you PM.
    #ILiveforJesuseveryday, #Love, #Christlives inme!

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  2. Wow!!! havent been online so had to read one post after another to get the revelation behind them and get my blessings in FULL. That pics of Monday grabbing a neck is so so true lol . God bless you Mama more grace and strenght to keep up with this even in the midst of godly distractions (amazing kids).

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