#August30series: Rich, Full and Satisfying.

So Vida is finally asleep …

and that is no ordinary feat. For those that know her, you know she's her father's daughter through and through and before you can get her to sleep … heaven will nearly touch earth. So I'm both proud of myself and extremely pleased that she's snoring softly at 10pm and it's not a school night.

So it's day 5 yay!!!!

Not doing too badly if you ask me. Especially since my days barely leave me coming up for air.

Today started off really good. Got to sleep in till 8am then off to hang out with our DCC folks here in America. Was nice to see quite some people and their now expanding families.

Plenty of catching up and even plenty more food.

Pk shared a little something that's been on his heart these past few weeks and though I've heard it over and over again, something stuck again and I felt like I was just hearing it for the first time.

He started off with the foundation scripture which I must have heard over a thousand times….John 10:10

And no matter what version he read it something just stood out to me. Jesus came to give me a quality life.

And I won't just have a life I would live it. Men! That makes all the difference. It's one thing to have a life it's another to actually live life and not just have life happen to you. Now this is good news may be because I like to be in control of my life. I love to have choices. So I can actually live

Then he says my life will be RICH … chai! Anyway you try to look at the word rich it is good so if you think financially prosperous life …. correct! If you think rich as in quality of life …. correct! If you think lavish, bountiful, profuse, generous…. correct! correct! correct! All correct!!!

I remember growing up my mum used to make this egusi soup that contained the entire animal kingdom as my brothers used to tease. My brother would say mummy made that rich egusi again… everything that could be in it was… fish, meat, prawns, periwinkle, snail, chicken, cowleg, heart, Pomo, shaki, everything. When I think of a rich life forgive me but I think of that soup where everything my dad could possibly ask for was present. I think of Jesus giving me a life so rich and satisfying. The egusi didn't just look good, it tasted good … it was satisfying.

Not my mums soup but couldn't find a better picture sorry but hey back to the issue at hand.

Then as if Rich and satisfying was not enough he promises a full life. Now this I couldn't get past. God expects me to have a full life. So I should actually stop feeling overwhelmed and actually enjoy having a full life.

So God's package for me is a rich, full and satisfying life?! My life will be full meaning it will not get easier or lighter but I will definitely be more graced for this full life. In other words the life Jesus came to give me is anything but ordinary. It won't be an either or kind of Life …

  • Either a mum or a career woman
  • Either a wife or a successful entrepreneur
  • Either a good christian or a millionaire

I don't have to choose I can have it all. I can be a wife, mum, good christian, successful in my career, still run a business, look good, be healthy, and still be happy.

I know the world preaches a different doctrine but I'd rather live by what the Word preaches. #WordOverWorld.

This would have been more than enough but if you've walked with God long enough then I'm sure by now you know that he never does anything to feed our ego of course there's more

Listen to me honey, there's a reason why your life will be full. Look closely…. till it overflows …. till it blesses others yes but I like to look at it more in the light of till it inspires others.

I'm so sure that if you live a life that is as rich, full, fulfilling, satisfying and enjoyable as Jesus offers there will be many people who even though you never meet them will want what you have and there's only one place to get it… Jesus

Sometimes people ask how I do it all and that for me is proof that I'm getting closer and closer to living that full rich fulfilling satisfying and inspiring life I believe Jesus has called me to and there's a reason I get up everyday and take on the world. I do it for every single person that God has put in my life to show them the real hero is Jesus and I am absolutely nothing without Him. He balances my life in ways I could only dream.

I pray that it hits you just as much as it did me and that you go after this life that Jesus promises with the same vigor that Jesus gives it.

Don't you just love Him? I know I do and I'm totally in awe of his love for me. I'm totally sold out.

Hope you are going to church in the morning. I pray you encounter God in deeper ways tomorrow in church.

Talk tomorrow
And thanks for always stopping by.

Love you

23 thoughts on “#August30series: Rich, Full and Satisfying.

  1. Thanks for these powerful piece pastor mildred.
    I truly blessed as always by this timely word. I feel imes we all sometimes fall in to the trap of glossing over certain scriptures as we consider them regular.
    But when we receive revelation as we have seen in your case,it is amazing.I certainly got enlightened.
    Btw You are looking so take away in this picture. Lol

  2. Thanks for these powerful piece pastor mildred.
    I truly feel blessed as always by this timely word. I feel sometimes we all fall in to the trap of glossing over certain scriptures as we consider them regular.
    But when we receive revelation as we have seen in your case,it is amazing.I certainly got enlightened.
    Btw You are looking so take away in this picture. Lol

      1. I have missed you more mama… plenty. Will mail you today 😘😘😘😘😘 and you still owe me

      2. I have missed you more mama, plenty plenty…. i will mail you tonight and you owe me one o.. 😘😘😘 wet sloppy kisses

  3. One line that really got to me..”I don’t have to be overwhelmed by life, I’ll just live a full life and enjoy it”. Thank you very much ma, God bless you real good!

  4. Everyone looking fresh.
    The gospel is the TRUTH! The package is all round, a secret that cannot be kept.
    Please dont stop writing Mama. You inspire.

  5. A rich fulfilled life that inspires. God has promised me this too gave me a revelation of it when i was meditating on some prosperity scriptures, Malachi 3:11 and Phil. 4:19.This post is a reminder of that promise. Thank u ma

    Oh and this pic is sweet…natural and Without filters lol😊

  6. You inspire deeply. Thank you for this piece. It came in timely to remind me of the life that God would have me live.

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