#August30series: It’s up to you

Hey people

What? Did you think I wasn’t going to show up? Nah! I wouldn’t think of it.

Today is going to be brief though. Just got in. Been out all day…. full day trip with the family.

So I’m here for my ladies who are TTC. Now if you don’t know what that means then you probably don’t fall into that category. If you do then you know that it’s one of the hardest things you will ever have to go through.

I’ve been there and God helped me. My prayer is that now that I have overcome I can also strengthen you my sisters. I believe this too shall pass because over and over again you find that the scriptures say …and it came to pass ...and it came to pass. I have never ever seen any where the Bible says …and it came to stay.

This is the assurance I have that this too shall pass.

To be honest I know it doesn’t seem like it when you are going through it but take it from someone who prayed those same prayers, cried those same tears, lashed out in frustration, felt the same confusions, asked “why me?” Just like you do now. Take it From someone who finally put an end to pity parties, sat up and paid attention.

I finally understood that the outcome of my life was up to me…. not my doctors, pastors, parents, friends or even my husband.

I still remember one of the early days I used to be so frustrated by the fact that I felt my husband refused to pray with me about the whole infertility issue and every time I brought it up he would say to me “when you are in faith I will know”
It was really infuriating for me because I sincerely believed I was in faith. Yes I know I had down days and moments but I was in faith or wasn’t I?

Then the enemy started putting evil thoughts in my head. But he’s a man of faith na. If he was really concerned he would just pray with you or encourage your faith. How can he be so smug and self assured? Gosh! I laugh so hard just thinking how silly I was back then. I actually started acting up some days but my pk is sooooooo hard to fight with and his stand would always be “I’m not letting you spoil my testimony this marriage will remain quarrel free, you will remain my best friend and the love of my life. I know you are not happy now but you will get over it and we will be fine.”

and he would carry on as if I wasn’t being a complete nuisance considering the fact that the delay was medically my fault in the first place.

So one day while having a pity party I went to report to the Lord saying if pk would just pray with me and stop saying I’m already pregnant I would actually be pregnant by now after all Isaac prayed for Rebekah and she got pregnant in Genesis 25:21

I could almost hear the Holy spirit laugh…
he said to me but pk has prayed and you are pregnant or don’t you believe you are pregnant?

Then he said something I would never forget. He said what you are trying to do is place the responsibility of your faith on someone else. Faith doesn’t work that way. Faith is a personal adventure. You need to do this for yourself. It’s up to you. Look at the next verse

And true as the light of day there it was…

She went to inquire of the Lord; she went to God herself. She made it a personal journey

Then I got it … I had to do this myself.

My husband may be a great man if faith but I learnt something that day …
Faith is not sexually transmitted.

Just because I’m married to a man of faith doesn’t mean a thing. I too had to get it for myself. I had to get to the point where I believed beyond a shadow of doubt that God would keep his word.

So today I challenge you to stop hanging your outcome on someone else. Take responsibility for your victory by resting in God’s faithfulness and activating your faith. And rest in this when you have found it God will keep his word.

Go after the word. Make up your mind to do this by yourself and for yourself irrespective of who stands with you or not or how long it will take.

The best advice I can give you is this …
Don’t wait around for people to change your story. Settle down and inquire of the Lord for yourself.

Love you. Can’t wait for your testimony.
See you tomorrow

11 thoughts on “#August30series: It’s up to you

  1. Oh. My. Gosh.
    Faith is NOT sexually transmitted!!!!!!!

    The beautiful thing is how this applies to ALL OF LIFE.
    It is also not genetically or biologically transmitted.

    Whatever testimony i desire is UP TO ME….


    And i loveeeeee Pk’s response.
    Wish I had that kinda sense at the beginning of my marriage.

    Thank you mama for this.
    Looooove you.
    Can’t be depending on my mama’s faith too


    1. Yes dear. People can agree with you on something but you must be in faith yourself. A lot of times we relax and leave the responsibility to someone else …put me in your prayers then off to sleep we go after all mummy is praying for me. My pastor is interceding. My husband is standing as a cover. but what of when they’re not there or you cannot reach them? We must all encounter Jesus and walk with him to create the outcome of our lives.


  2. Indeed, this too shall come to pass.
    Thank you again Mama for the reminder.
    Faith is a personal adventure that one must embark on individually so help me God!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you mama for this word in due season.
    Sometimes, it gets so difficult waiting. Wondering when this too shall pass. Like what date? The years have turned into 5. Scripture Confessions on. Physical Intimacy. Yes. Serving the Lord faithfully. Yesss. Biological clock ticking…ok. Sarah’s was old so it doesn’t matter.

    Will keep chewing your wise experiential words for TTC Ladies. Sure its impossible for God to lie.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. True! Faith is not sexually transmitted, wish it was tho (sigh) would sleep and dream all day. lol. Very inspiring, thank you PM.


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