#August30series: For Your Husband.

Day 3 people!!!

Oh! My God I just realized I have my days all mixed up. Today is actually Thursday not Wednesday. Which means I did a thankful Tuesday rather than a post for wives yesterday. After all on JUGN Wednesdays is for wives. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to just go with the flow and correct this tomorrow and then start the week properly from Sunday.

So today has been such a hectic day and I’m really exhausted but I guess I need to keep my word. So here’s a little something for our chayil Haven

Ok ladies a quick something for you before I move on to my darling TTCs tomorrow

So let me quickly drop one of my biggest secrets in marriage. I will share a lot more of them next week but this week my number one has to be this…
Pray for your husband

It may sound very cliché but the truth is this will most likely be the greatest tool you will have in marriage especially if you are a christian wife.

One day the thought dropped in my heart – do you know you are the only one praying God your husband?
I smiled because I kept thinking ah! Ah! I know a lot of people are praying for him. People pray for their pastors na. But it came a bit stronger

Do you know you are the only one praying for your husband?

I didn’t understand it at first because I know some people personally who pray for him almost on a daily basis but then it hit me. Everyone is praying for him as a pastor, a son, a father, a boss but I’m the only one praying for my husband and speaking to the husband in him.

So now I don’t just pray about him or over him, I pray for him, I’m very deliberate about it. And because I believe it takes intimacy to truly pray for a person
I make sure we always stay friends.

Your friends tell you their deepest and most intimate secrets and desires. It makes it easy for me to pray for him. Around me he’s not a pastor he’s Kingsley my friend and my friend talks to me about everything and I know how to hold him up in prayer.

Listen to me if you would only pray half as much as you complain about him you would be amazed at how quickly things would change. I pray about everything and I pray for him in every way. I pray that he will be happy, that he will be at peace, that he will be alive and strong and well. I pray that he will find pleasure in little things, that he will follow his own path in life. I pray that he will be surrounded by godly friends and that he will always hear God clearly. I pray he will constantly be a good example for our children and that they will always adore him. I pray he will love me the right way and treat me well always so that his own prayers will always be answered. Oh! There’s so much and you actually get closer when you pray for him. I find that o enter new levels of intimacy with my husband because I pray for him from the depths of my soul and I do it better when he’s not there.

I really think a lot of times if we would just pray and stop wishing things were different then things would actually be different in our homes.

I know sometimes it may be hard to know where to start from so I tried to give a foundation in my latest book.

It’s not a prayer book that’s cast in stone. It’s just a few of my own prayer scriptures and I hope they inspire and guide you into praying for your own husband.

And even if you don’t get the book please take time out study the word

then sit down and write out scriptures that you can use as guides for praying for your husband. Start a prayer journal for Him. Write out all the promises God gives you God him and like I said don’t pray about him pray for him.

And remember no matter what drama you face remember one of your major assignments is this man.

Okay people need to go. Will be back tomorrow. How I did this post with my room as a war-zone for all these kids is amazing. Only Jesus could have done this. Now I’m going to sleep 15 hours straight …. Lord knows I need it.

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