#August30series: Not Forgetting.

Hey people
I'm back and it's day 2.

Now today I really couldn't make up my mind which I would rather go with. Should I make it a thankful Tuesday post or a Dilemma Tuesday seeing as it's been so long since we had one and I've been itching to do a give away and what better excuse than a dilemma Tuesday.

But after giving it much thought and in the spirit of God first, I've decided a thankful Tuesday post is in order. So thankful Tuesday it is.

So let's do this together …
What are you thankful for today?
I find that it's often very easy to forget and take for granted all the things God does for us.

I've been screaming a lot on this trip….
sit here!
Don't touch that!
Can't you just sit still?
Don't pull your sister's hair!
Don't poke your brother's eye!
Will you just leave that alone?
Oh! God!!!

Then I will quickly follow up with a
"Lord I need a break!"
I didn't realize how much I was beginning to take my blessings for granted until I went to visit one of my "big mummies" and I hadn't seen her in like over a year so she was asking about the kids and she said "oh! They are three now so I just need you to give me one more Abi?"

The way I said I reject it in Jesus name without missing a beat shocked even me. What she said next really got to Me…
"Ah! This God is great o! I can still remember how we prayed for these children. Now it is this same you that is rejecting children." She said it laughing and I laughed too but it actually hit me that I had forgotten so quickly … too quickly.

Could that be the reason the Bible says …forget not His benefits?


So today I'm thankful for my three miracle babies. I don't care how frustrating and stressful they can be sometimes I choose to look at them and remember how God took away my shame, wiped my tears, cancelled the doctors reports, answered my prayers and blessed me with three amazing testimonies.

I'm thankful for every single mummy moment I have. If not for God my story would be different.

My prayer today and for always is this
And I pray it is yours too.

See you tomorrow.
Love you.

Just a few pictures of our trip yesterday and of how much joy these children and all the other many children that surround my table bring me. I hope this brightens up your day and makes you smile.

And oh! I'm definitely thankful for this my amazing nephew chigoziem. Happy birthday boo. Aunty loves you so much.

14 thoughts on “#August30series: Not Forgetting.

  1. Ok mama I actually thought it was only you and PK. You travelled with an ENTIRE VILLAGE . I think I’m exhausted already on your behalf😭 but jealous of all the conferences. I need to move to the US for 6months😭😭😭😭😭😭


  2. After that write-up, I did a mental counting of my blessings since January. God has indeed been faithful! May I continually be mindful of his blessings.
    The kids all look soooo cute! Well done PM. All glory to God for His blessings!

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  3. I am thankful that today my baby Goziem turned 6. I am thankful for life, for peace, for a faithful and fully involved husband even from afar. Thankful for a good support system so that I don’t feel the void. Thankful for my church and a job I love.

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  4. Am thankful for life and health ( 4 motor accidents and i still stand gidigba), thankful for my parents ( shebi one doctor overdozed my mum and she stand gidigba, i saw some leggings she just bought to look hot for my dad 2 weeks ago), grateful for my husband, who loves me, loves my friends, family and loves my pastors ( amazing man) , thankful for dcc, all my closest friends are DCC people ( heheheh) , thankful for PM ( i have a living example on how to be mix work, ministry, and all other things and do it well and with a smile) , thankful for my hubby’s business, thankful my sister is getting married…chai… should i go on mama????? . I refuse to forget o… thankful NNE. Jehova the one who is mindful of me, who has me as a signet ring on His finger ( just to show off) , who has tatooed me on his palm, too thankful daddy’m


  5. I am thankful for a God that answers while am yet asking.
    I am thankful for the fact that Jesus paid for my sins in full.
    I am thankful for all that i am right now despite all the struggles.
    I am thankful for its my birthday month.AUGUST 10TH
    I am for every breath i take freely right now without having to struggle.
    I am thankful for what could have been the end of my life and God saved me and turned it as a new beginning for me to start afresh.
    I am thankful for so many things that i can’t write it all.
    I am most thankful that i am a LIVING, BREATHING,WALKING, TALKING MIRACLE.
    I am thankful GRACE found me.


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