Jesus: The God who sees…

Hagar didn’t ask to be dragged into all of this but what choice did she have? She was a slave. She belonged to her master to do with as she pleased.

She knew her mistress could not have a child. Everyone knew…. The slaves talked. ….you couldn’t help but over hear that kind of talk. With so many servants there was always talk.
There was even more talk that this God that their master Abraham believed… the one He left family and packed up to follow had promised a special child through whom he would give him descendants too numerous to count. A special child…..

When she found out she was pregnant she felt special. who wouldn’t? Finally she was her master’s “wife” not just a slave. After all she was also a woman

and she could do something his wife SARAH couldn’t. She should be served not be the servant…. she acted badly and reaped the consequences.

Her mistress SARAH became a beast. She had never been this mean. Nothing she did was good enough. Did she even realize that she Hagar  carried something special? Something she only dreamed of carrying herself?

She was done! She packed up and ran.

God met her on the way with a simple question that put it all in perspective –

He said, “Hagar, maid of Sarai, what are you doing here?” Genesis 16: (MSG)

To be honest her answer didn’t matter. Even though she ran when no one was watching.

God saw. God sees…

Then he simply told her to go back and go through …

The angel of God said, “Go back to your mistress. Put up with her abuse.” He continued, “I’m going to give you a big family, children past counting.
In other words whatever difficult or unfair situation you’ve found yourself in (whether you caused it or not) The end is victory!!!

His promise? I will see to it!
God showed her what victory meant for her. A child who would still be a part of the covenant as far as she allowed him to be born in the house of his father.

She realized something that day. God saw her …first because He’s the God that sees.

Then because she was not just a slave she was a person …He called her name.
Secondly she saw God … she saw his nature: LOVE in action. A God whose mercies are new everyday. One whose love to us is not determined by our actions.

He insists that we go and sin no more but He loves us inspite of it all.

As we continue our fast. As I meditated on this today I was reminded not only that God sees me or that God loves me but I was reminded of who I am. No! I’m definitely not Hagar servant of SARAH

I am however Mildred servant of Jesus but more importantly I am Mildred daughter of the most high God

And I can’t help but think if He has promised victory to a slave because she belonged to one he was in covenant with. How much more for his daughter. What can possibly be a threat to you? What is too hard for the God who does the impossible as easily as one would blink. I am God’s daughter and that’s enough for me

He has eye on me. He sees me…

…for who I am

…for who I can be

He sees to everything that concerns me and I have proof. Strong hard proof.

…From the things my ears have heard

…from the things my eyes have seen

…from the things my hands have handled …carried …breastfed …changed diapers …

Jesus is worthy!!!

I fully understand now that this is a season of hallelujahs and I bless God for my dear friend and brother Nathaniel Bassey because with this hallelujah challenge he has drawn people’s focus back to praising God.

That’s what it’s all about. Worshipping Jesus and see what he will do…

He already knows what you need and I can assure you that he will see to it.

Yes even the secret things that make you cry at night when you think no one is watching. Your father knows…

This morning I just thought to remind you that you have a God who is always looking out for you. He sees you…

We are still on our 5 day prayer and fast. Today this should be your prayer. 


Yes i know… my Jesus victories blog post still coming. Just didn’t feel like it was meant to be sent out yet

5 thoughts on “Jesus: The God who sees…

  1. Waooo this blessed me and made me realize that God truly sees. He knows all i need even more than i think i know. A seeing eyes Jesus is all i pray for. God bless you ma for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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