…and the countdown begins 

Hey people

Yes!!!! I’m so excited.


Can you tell?

I can’t believe it’s already time for When Women Worship #WWW2017 and the count down begins.

So as is our usual custom at JUGN we alway spend the week before with a fruit fast and we pray together at 6.30pm everyday to key into what God’s heart is for us at these meetings. It’s always such an amazing time and to be honest most times we use these prayer times to settle our “outstanding” issues with God so when we get to the WWW meeting all we do is worship God – not necessarily for what He can do but more for who He is.

So today is Day 1 of the fast. Here are a few house rules.

1. It’s a fruit ONLY fast

which means you can eat fruits throughout the day for the next five days but no food. It also means vegetables that can be eaten raw are allowed – the idea is no cooked or processed foods for the next five days.

2. Drink lots of water –

I don’t want anyone fainting on me. No fizzy drinks or unnatural fruit juices. So basically except you made it yourself or watched someone else make it, it’s off limits. Yes I know it says Fanta orange it’s still not a fruit.

3. No mindless fasting.

Spend the time studying the word , meditating, praying, worshipping not on social media or watching Telemundo.

4. Spread the word –

tell people about the meeting. Encourage all the women You  know to get onboard. Don’t spend the whole  day without putting the word out especially if you have been blessed at any of the past meetings. Don’t keep it to yourself. Don’t let anyone miss such an amazing experience.

5. Sow a seed

This is the week where we need a whole lot of money. Ministry costs money. It’s not funded by angels though so this is how it works. God blesses us and we in turn give to his work and in turn bless many others and God sends us more blessings. It’s a cycle really. The truth is God is never stranded so ALL our bills have ALWAYS been paid and ALL our needs have ALWAYS been met. We have never been stranded. However if you want to be a part of blessing the women who come to these meetings and the ministers then please send in your seeds to

Account number: 0120674522.

Account Name: Just us girls.

Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank

God bless you as you do.

So For today it’s our first day and what better way to start than with thanksgiving.

So here’s our prayer for today

Today let’s focus on thanking God for everything he has done in the past. For all our blessings- our Jesus victories.😍😍

I will be back tomorrow with my own blog on my Jesus victories.

See you tomorrow guys. Got to run. So much to do. So much to do.

But before I go see what we got up to in church yesterday.


Was so much fun …




Even my pk caught the bug

But this is my absolute favourite.

Cos that’s what it’s all about

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