Painting The Town Red

Hey people

Lol! It feels good to be back though. It’s been such a long time. Spent most of the morning cleaning through the cobwebs on this blog

I honestly cannot believe I have been away from the blog this long. For some funny reason I keep thinking to myself today is the day I finally get to blog and at the end of the day I look at my to-do list and somehow it’s the one thing that keeps being carried over. Well, today I decided to break the cycle and get back on board. So here I am!

What has been happening? So much! I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’ve just somehow had a really busy season and how I manage to keep it all together is nothing short of a miracle …and of course all the amazing people in my life I am blessed with.

So where to begin? Oh! Yes…

It’s that time of the year again ladies !!!

I’m sure you are as excited as I am. I’m particularly excited about the theme this year. Incidentally getting the theme was so hard!!! I mean I really struggled and that’s really weird because this never happens for when women worship.

Usually what happens is at the end of the previous year or at beginning of the year I usually get the theme by God sending me a song and it usually is a song that becomes my anthem for the year or a song that reminds of all the things God has done for me or a song that speaks my heart or speaks to where I am at the moment or a situation that births faith in my heart but usually at the beginning of the year I already know not just the theme but who the ministers are. Sometimes the song points me in the direction of who to invite.

In 2013 it was Nathaniel Bassey’s IMELA that was my heart cry as I found out I was carrying my miracle baby Davida. It was my year  to testify.

In 2014 that year one song kept ringing in my heart. God practically dropped it in my lap and it was the story of my life at the time. Once I heard the song Everything has changed by onos I knew she had to be one of our lead ministers. That year I just felt like my praise wasn’t enough hence the theme

See who became a big sister? She also had too much to be thankful for. See how tiny my dassah was.

In 2015 I was back with another miracle in tow. I was pregnant with David. It was my year of good things and with God proving to me that not only would he shame the devil in my life but he would do it three times, I felt one night of worship wasn’t enough. Our theme was different; nothing we had ever done before

Three whole nights!!!

Just thinking about it now I wonder how we dream up these crazy things! How did we even fund this?! Blessing!!! Answer o! Lol! But God always shows up and he’s worth every praise, every worship, every day and every dime. The testimonies are always mind blowing.

Then last year God sent me a song that I just could not shake. No matter how hard I tried I just could not shake the song Amaghimo by password and a few months later he starts attending church. What are the odds? I knew that was our theme

And looking back at all God had done for us truly where could we start praising God from?

We had a lot of challenges as the last WWW approached but after lions and bears, Goliath was nothing.

This year though getting the theme was so hard until one day after I had tried it all Blessing (one of my assistants on JUGN and the lady bowed in worship in the Amaghimo flier) said to me Pastor M no song?

And mama always has a song o! She said to kemi (miss shittu)

I was just saying to her mindlessly “No song o!”

As I turned on my laptop to do some work I unconsciously opened up my YouTube page and clicked on my playlist which I play every day  and “my 2017 song” top of the list just started playing and all of a sudden

It hit me …

the theme loud and clear as the chorus began….

I knew that was it.

Blessing knew that was it!

Kemi knew that was it!!!

And with the name came the dresscode

Simple instruction.

Because you are #PaintingTheTownRed with the Name of Jesus.

So this year because of this song The Name of JESUS by Hillsong we got our theme.

Then God sent me the ministers. I’ve never had it easier than this. No drama. No wahala. All sorted. And I loooooove them all.

Who are they?

I should let you guess but I’m nicer than that so here’s the big reveal …

Okay so you get a blog post on them later. Just bask in the euphoria of how much God loves you …

see the people He prepared to lead you in Worship.

I’m excited. I have my teeshirt and I’m even planning to wear it this Sunday that’s how excited I am. I can’t wait.

Get yours now. Call blessing on 08037770384. You have to get one. Join us in #ProudlyWearingTheNameOfJesus.

Okay I really have to go now. I’m just so glad to be back. There’s so much to tell you.

Love you guys so much.

Pastor M

17 thoughts on “Painting The Town Red

  1. And finally Mama is back!!! Can’t explain the joy all I can say is Thank you JESUS. The name of JESUS is everything.


  2. Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun on the list?!!! *excited much* 💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃
    True that Mama… blogging appears to almost always be the pending item on to-do list. In my mind sha, I console myself with the plenty business writing I now do. 🤓🙈

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yayyy she’s finally back, Pastor M i missed you like kilode, dont have your contact, i was going to call to check up on you. Am so excited about WWW ‘The name of JESUS’. Much love from Ogun State

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ewoooo ! the Spirit of God doesnt not lie nor confuse sha….That very song has been on replay on my youtube as well since the 1st day i heard it ….and it so stirred up my spirit….i pratically had goosebumps when i read this post. Very very Expectant this WWW!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So glad to have you back ma😊 I and a friend were just speaking about how long its been since you ‘showed face’ on JUGN, and last night she sent me a message saying “Pastor Mildred is back” I was elated! Indeed the Joy of the Lord is your strength ma.

    Liked by 1 person

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