Hey Ladies!! I’ve absolutely missed you guys!! Maybe I’m being a tad bit dramatic.. lol, but seriously tho.. seems like this is becoming my regular opener.. πŸ™ˆ. We all have to ensure this STOPS it’s a matter of National Security, and we need all hands on deck! 😐 Ok but for real this time, lol.. I’m officially back! 😁 back to blogging.. 😌 Feels so … Continue reading #FlashBackFriday

…and the countdown beginsΒ 

Hey people Yes!!!! I’m so excited. ​​ ​ Can you tell? I can’t believe it’s already time for When Women Worship #WWW2017 and the count down begins. So as is our usual custom at JUGN we alway spend the week before with a fruit fast and we pray together at 6.30pm everyday to key into what God’s heart is for us at these meetings. It’s … Continue reading …and the countdown beginsΒ