He’s AH-mazing! 

Hey Everyone,

How are y’all doing..

I’m sure we all had a beautiful Easter celebration, here at DCC we had an amazing weekend!! A #risenwithchrist weekend.. it was AH-MAZING!!!!

I promised myself I wasn’t gonna do this, but I can’t help it..

So Good Friday, was drama night.. and it was so good! They brought out all the guns! Trust me, they went all out! Lol..

Then Saturday was Baptism! It was so colorful, so beautiful.. we have over 250 people baptized and publicly declare their faith in Jesus..

Children got baptized…

Adults also..

And Easter Sunday service was just out of this world!

Yup! You missed big time if you haven’t been around, or of you missed service, and this is the kinda experience that explaining to you doesn’t even nearly compare to experiencing it in person. 😍😍..

Isn’t it just mind blowing knowing that God sent his only son, to come save us.. Jesus came and died for you and me without even knowing us, before we were even conceived, before there was ever a thought of us being conceived.. he went through hell, so we don’t have to go through hell.. he became the son of man, so we can become the sons of God..

At this point I just wanna give a standing ovation and just keep clapping..

He’s just a boss! The boss of all bosses! All knowing, ever faithful..

I’m just without words at this point.. God is everything… let me share Nneka’s testimony with you, you’ll just be in awe of God’s awesomeness and faithfulness..


Nneka’s testimony

My testimony on my miracle – Eseosa Okwuchiamanda.
I wedded in 2011 after much family drama (Pastor M, you know every) and we decided to wait a year before kids.

We discovered we were pregnant about our 1 year anniversary and were cool with it as it was about time. Few weeks into the journey, I was teaching teens in church on a Sunday when I felt liquid down my legs, I asked someone to take over the class while I went to check. It was blood, I asked someone to get my husband and he said we will wait till the end of the message before going anywhere. So I sat at the back of church. By the time, Pst K was done, I was in a pool of blood. We refused to go to the hospital. Long story short, we took in again about 6 months later and discovered when we were 2 months gone. The devil wanted me miserable. Anything I did, he would flash miscarriage even dancing in church (those who know me know I enjoy this). But like PM says I said “Satan even if I have 1 million miscarriages, it doesn’t change God’s word and promise”. Our 1st baby came in 2013. We again wanted to wait about 2 years but about 18 months in, we were pregnant and felt hmmmm, we don’t think we are ready but no wahala. Again, the torment of miscarriage thoughts began and then about 12 weeks in, baby was lost. I began to question but the Bible says affliction will not arise a 2nd time, what is happening. Few months down the line, I conceived again, the mind battle raged then I lost my father and about 2 weeks after that, another miscarriage. We kept on trying and in May 2016, my period delayed. After a week, I fearfully did the home test and got negative.I went to the hospital and still negative. I told Pst M and she said, “It’s not the test that confirms our pregnancy but our pregnancy confirms the test”. The following morning I did a test and it was positive. Our journey began with weekly hospital visits. A plan to do a circlage which would require me to be bed-bound for days. God cancelled that one. Every time I used the bathroom, the devil will tell me now you will see blood. When we were ending 2nd trimester, things graduated to bad physical events around me. From 2 attempted burglaries in an estate with security where no such thing had happened in about 10 years to loosing a dear relative to health challenges, plenty drama. Eventually, we were at the hospital because baby stopped kicking only to resume when we got to the hospital. I got induced at about 4pm, contractions were a hit back-to-back from 5pm. Then nurses changed shift at about 6pm and I didn’t like the nurse I got but I remembered that when Pst M prayed she added I would get the right help. On entering the delivery room, this nurse pulls out her phone and while I was wondering what she was up to, she started playing worship songs – Travis Greene’s When Our backs were against the wall and Nathaniel Bassey’s Onise Iyanu. That set the tone in the room and even when the amniotic sac was manually ruptured at about 8pm with a threat of C-section if baby didnt come out within the hour, I was so relaxed. I got a Word in my spirit that baby would come out within the hour and it happened that way. When baby came out, it was discovered that the placenta was already dying. Post-natal depression and different illnesses (HBP) struck but I am standing here because God’s word remains sure.

Praise God!!
Like I said AH-MAZING!!!

Don’t forget to send in your testimonies to pastorm@justusgirlsnaija.com.. Can’t wait to read, share and celebrate with you!

Love you guys loads! 😘😘


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