Do you still…

Hey ladies

This month has me all mushy and doe- eyed. It’s been a very hectic but extremely rewarding month in DCC. Love was in the air definitely as our theme for the month was relationship based.

It was such a lovely time. We even had a kissing bug going round sticking people so they had to kiss their spouses. It was really something else.

Then the week after the kissing bug returned with a friend… cupid’s helper. Her job on the other hand was to get the men to propose to their wives once again before renewing their vows

It was such a wonderful time but I think the best part for me was the last Sunday. All the married couples got to renew their vows.

The night before the ceremony I stayed up thinking…

I’m someone’s wife….

Someone needs me…

someone depends on me…

I invigorate someone…
I unlock favour in someone’s life…

I’m God’s gift to someone…

You see, I know these things. Yes they fly over my head a few times a day but as I stayed up working on the vows we would take the next day I let my heart dwell on these thoughts for a tad bit longer.

I’m important! I’m necessary and I’m perfect …at least for this one man. God sent me because he knew I was all he needed and if I wasn’t already I could adapt. I lay beside him that night listening to his chest rise and fall and it was as if I was back in my father’s house almost 12 years ago….

I still remember thinking …

can I do this?

Am I good enough?

Will I mess this up?

Am I what he needs?

All the romantic feelings out the window as I lay awake thinking is he making the right choice?

Saturday night… I lay cuddled in his arms as he snored gently …sleeping soundly…I knew the answer because he slept like a man whose heart had found a safe place to rest.

And I knew that unlike the first time I walked down the aisle unsure of what we were both getting into but very sure of who I was getting into it with , this time I was sure that I still wanted to do this.

I was so happy to pledge my love again to Renew my vow to this amazing gift of God to me.

I was reminded once again that … MARRIAGE IS NOT A REWARD; BUT AN ASSIGNMENT!!! 

…and this is one assignment I’m going to love being a part of for the rest of my life.

Sorry no deep revelation today just letting my mind wander

Saw a few pictures let me share…

Some before meets after …

Okay ladies so officially I’m off the radar for about two weeks. I deserve a honey moon right? After all it felt I like I was getting married again. Funny I noticed I’m still in braids and it wasn’t planned. 😂

So now I’m off for a few days with this amazing man. 

Gorgeous isn’t he?

Okay ladies gotta run. If you don’t hear from me in the coming week please don’t be upset. I will be back as soon as I can.

But My tip for today would be to EMBRACE YOUR  ASSIGNMENT- be everything God needs you to be for the man in your life.

God bless you darlings.

15 thoughts on “Do you still…

  1. Awww. Awesome. It ‘s been an absolutely fantastic month. Great job Mama. God is indeed faithful. We celebrate you Mama. You and Papa have brought joy into our homes. Thank you for showing us how.
    Have fun.

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  2. Thank God for DCC! Thank God for PM and PM! Menh! I keep telling all that would listen including my Loverboi that if not for Dcc and especially PK I doubt I would ‘ve had the courage to say i do …..hmmm coming from a broken home and all. Am glad I married the most amazing man and I got to reaffirm that at our vow renewal I was giddy like a new bride…lol . I even got hubby to splurge on a new and expensive suit …..which is like a Miracle….hehehe

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  3. I feel like I just read a romantic novel. Thank you Mama and thanks to Pk. God will continue to put smiles on your faces and joy in your hearts. I am grateful and I love DCC.


  4. Embrace your assignment.

    Hmmm. Reality check in. Wish I was there to witness all of this.

    Congratulations to all who lovingly renewed their vows to each other. It must be a beautiful, after some years, and you look at this one person and still want to commit to them. Amazing!

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  5. ‘Marriage is an assignment not a reward’. This one got stuck. Thank you to my pastors, my Mama and my Papa. March is a month I won’t forget in a hurry. After all these teachings and prayers. I am confident that I will have the marriage of my dreams. “ntoi to the devil’ 😂 Congrats again to all the married couples. Enjoy your honeymoon 😋 Mama.

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