Break out in Dance…Β 

Hey Everyone!

There’s an excitement I feel in my bones this week, don’t know if you feel it too.. and all I wanna do is just shout out loud!

And break out in dance too! πŸ’ƒπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΎ.. you know the kind where you’re not concerned about what you’re putting on or how you look, or if you’re at the supermarket or at work or if you can even dance.. lol.. You know just like a “Flash mob” where you see someone sitting beside you reading a book and all of a sudden they are busting a move.. Yea that kind.

God is just awesome! Like beyond awesome.. infact the word awesome is too limiting to describe who he is..

He is…

And even with all these words and all these names, it’s still not enough!! It doesn’t even cut it..

Let me tell who God is to me personally, I literally cannot give him just one name and cannot put him in a box.. For me, God is my “Essence“.. my character is determined by him.. he’s the reason I live, breathe and have my being.. he’s my nature.. azin I’m naturally like Christ because he is in me.. I love like he does, I see people the way he does.. I do not react to things or situations how people expect, I react how he reacts… so even if I feel a certain way and I don’t want to get out of bed to go to church, or the situation around me doesn’t expect I open my mouth to praise God.. I still do!

Because my feelings don’t matter.. I do what I do because of Christ.

So sometimes you may not just feel like it.. why should you praise him when there’s no money in your bank account, or when you’ve been waiting for that breakthrough and it doesn’t seem like it’s coming, and you just keep worrying and trying to sort out the how’s and the why’s.. Sweetie worrying doesn’t change anything..

So, this is the time where you should just break out in dance to Jesus, and just trust him.. he always sorts it all out..

So relax.. God’s gat you!

I’m sure we all already know today is Thankful Tuesday! Whoop! πŸ’ƒπŸΎ So today Yolanda would be sharing her testimony with us.. You need to hear how God just showed up for her.. Oh! I’m too excited about this one!! Lol.. Find her testimony below.


Yolanda’s Testimony.

Hello Pastor M and Justusgirlsnaija family;

My testimony is really simple and straightforward ( i doubt there’s such a thing)

Anyways, last year 2016, I made a commitment to God, a very simple commitment. I told God I was not going to complain about anything. No matter how rough things might get, I will look for a corner to give him praise instead.

Oh boy!! The moment I made that commitment, it was like a floodgates of problem was raining on me.

A brief background to what lead to “my commitment of praise no matter the circumstance.”

Things were tough or ugly, for straight two years it was one problem after the other, no job for good two years ( for me ), my sister get diagnosed with lupus, ( in fact that one was bad, her hair was falling off, her skin reacting) and the hospital charges😰😰😰. While my cousins, keep having series of miscarriges and one still birth which keeps us all wondering and complaining…😲😲😲

So it was like every time I went to God in prayers all I did was just list all the problems and the things that were falling apart, ( basically prayer time was complain time)

And I really got to a point where I got tired of praying, there was no joy anymore…and I wanted that joy back. And that was when i made the commitment, I realised it was not just about praying, but my attitude towards all that was happening around me. God is good, is not just a word we say because things are rosy, he is good even when things look like ugly… ( notice look like) because some things are not ugly, it’s just our view that is distorted.

So I made my commitments, things did not change. In fact they got worse, but I stayed in there, for me and in the gap for my family. And honestly I can see testimony all around me.

I don’t know where to start!!!

God has given me a job and has provided for transport…with a driver ( boss 😊😊😊). Mind you, in my head i thought that My chance of getting this job was very slim because I don’t have a PhD…but God can shock people, I am only completing My masters in June and here I am.

My sister that got diagnosed with lupus,was told that, it will even be hard for her to conceive because of her conditions and the doctor said lots of stories ( reports) but she just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, despite all the doctor’s report. And in fact her lupus seems to have disappear!!! Her hair is back and full, her skin is back to normal…

I even have Jaras ( bonus ) testimonies…like driving into the fuelling station with R20 ( south African rand ( a litre of petrol is R13.20 at the moment) I had no money. I was hoping that one litre will at least help me get home…but look at God.when I got to the station the attendants was asking me why am buying only one litre, I told him i just want to get home…and he asked again but why R20? I told him i have no money…and I told him, can R20 petrol get me home?

He then asked me where I stayed, I told him the area I lived. then he said yes, you will get home. And then asked me, so you want petrol? I said yes…he said to me.

I don’t have my card with me, but I will put some petrol for you now but you can come back later for some more…tomorrow maybe. he then put half a tank for me. With a promise of getting another. I didn’t believe my eyes or ears. I just saw my tank and I was shock…he then said see you later…hahahahah God!

Last one, I promise because the list is just too long…my parents have relocated and you know how it is with being in a new place, new houses and all. So they were trusting God for a car, and God just blessed them with a car, fully paid….

I think I will come back for a part 2 because the testimonies are not over, I mean the year is till fresh!

I really hope someone will be bless and encouraged with this.

Love you all

See, I told you! Are you as excited as I am now! God is just amazing..

Has God been good to you? has he shown up for you in ways that will blow human minds? or shown up at a time of need for you, just at the right time?

Great! So send in your testimony let’s tell the whole world how great our God is.

Send to

See y’all again soon.

Love you! 😘😘😘😘

Ps: Don’t forget to break out in dance this week.. πŸ˜‰ no matter where you find yourself.

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